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"Qi Men Dun Jia": I serve you, you can rot into the bones

Entertainment 2018-01-30 19:44:18 22

I spent tens of minutes reading "Qi Men Dunjia" let me down extremely, the plot sucks! Rotten audio!

Today I watched the movie "Qi Men Dunjia" with VIP. I did not think I thought it was very good. I just read it before I realized it was a bad movie. The two directors of a movie, it is disappointment to me. 82 years director Yuan Heping filmed "Qi Men Dunjia", so many years in the past, the new "Qi Men Dunjia" or very old-fashioned, the director thought we are grown children, so fool it!

First of all, I want to tell the two directors, the audience is not mentally handicapped.

This movie is still a 3D movie, is simply to discredit 3D, Tsui Hark works under the impression that this is a quality assurance, did not expect the production level and five hair drama nothing, imagination has not progressed, the whole movie from start to finish Chapter chapter body, how to look is neither fish nor fowl.

Special effects in the movie is also a failure, there is no tall feeling, only make sense. Seen a lot of Dapeng starring the movie, I thought this story Dapeng certainly is a humorous Dapeng, did not think Dapeng became the most serious person in the film, he lost his own humorous characteristics.

Dapeng as a male with Ni Ni and Zhou Dongyu two goddesses, although the feelings involved but did not see the cp sense, both the heroine and Dapeng are involved, but they are like three people in the world . I thought this was a martial arts competition with Chinese characteristics, I did not expect the monster in the film more than the weight of the director's brain hole I really feel ashamed of his lack of imagination.

Swordsman just hit a few minutes, the rest of the things to the monster to do. The story arbitrary East and West, the audience did not practice long-distance running certainly can not catch the plot. The most interesting shot is the four men against the monster, the fierce ferocious beast four imminent death, winter rain graves grow grass, followed by the tomb of Zhou Dongyu cracked open, the resurrection of Zhou Dongyu apart from anything else to defeat the beast after a few rounds. Director, I know you have the right, you want to die who died, who want to live who live, but please fly?

This film is a collection of martial arts, magic, mutants, supernatural power, the story takes place in the era of animals can be refined, people and demon fighting law, fighting wits. Feeling can not afford to play at the box office, his lack of mobility flexibility, on the contrary contrary to some stiff, stiff, Zhou Dongyu performances are small jasper-type, less evil demon. Wu Bai play is cruel, but his acting is obviously not as good as his songs, I'd like him to sing "Norway's forest."

The film lack of picture and impact, looked bland, feeling water is generally colorless, tasteless, less nutritional value, more chewing wax. Plot absurd and far-fetched, lack of temptation to detail and mood arrangements. The imagination in the film I must give recognition, it is really abstract!

Want to come to think of a few words to summarize the film: Narrative confusion, joking awkwardness, fight mediocre, special effects cheap. The role of more drama chaos, there is no personality cast, I see a loss, the most interesting is that the film also laid its hides, but also want to sequel, day, I was on this time, the next killed do not join It's

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