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Love get married by friends! Prince Harry and Megan, who were originally from each side of the day, were all shepherded

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Do not think the prince can do anything they want, in fact, the prince has the distress of Prince Harry English English. He is world-renowned, screaming girls everywhere, but also by the education of the royal family, but just because of identity he has been the lack of opportunities to make girlfriend, can not always find a girlfriend in the fire velvet, right?

How good? Harry chose to find a matchmaker for him, the matchmaker named Violet von Westenholz.

British gossip media magical, uncovered already English who match English Prince Harry and Megan Markel matchmaker who, Harry wanted to always protect the identity of the matchmaker: "We are introduced by a mysterious friend, we will protect her Privacy. "

Matchmaker Identity </ strong>

Finally, two months after their engagement, the "mysterious man" identity exposure is the 33-year-old fashion PR Purple.

Speaking of this royal marriage, we start with Violet's daddy, Baron Piers von Westenholz, a former Olympian, who has not been on an excursion ski tour with the Charles family for years, and he is also A famous antique dealer, as well as a veteran interior designer, versatile.

Because two fathers have been acquainted with many years of relationships, purple in childhood has been with Harry is a friend, is the world.

Two people are aware of micro hours </ strong>

Violet, who lives in London and is a public relations director at Ralph Lauren, was married to Meghan because of her working relationship, and she decided to introduce Meghan to her friend Harry. Purple of course, Harry's mind, just want to get to know his girlfriend.

Purple once again want to see his sister, Victoria, can be the object of contact with Harry, but now Victoria is married.

Prince Harry often said to the purple is ready to be a good boyfriend, purple also find the object for him, because, as a prince to find individuals to meet, it is almost impossible.

Meet her in London's social circle </ strong>

Time has always come right. Violet has worked for many Qualcomm PRs, including Bulgari, Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana, only recently working for Ralph Lauren. After Ralph Lauren got to know Meghan, the two sublimated to become friends. A little known in the social world, recognize the purple soon after entering London's social circle.

Violet arranges their first meeting, which can be used almost as "blind dating" to describe and first listen to the second visit after Megan's engagement: "This is entirely Violet's premedication, and I know little about Prince Harry, when I know she wants to introduce our understanding, I just asked Purple: "He is a good boy?"

Harry, on the other hand, thinks it a bit abrupt: "Before then, I had never heard of Meghan Markle." But Harry's trust in Voilet made him much more calm: "No problem, you give me a little bit of her Background information, such as what she is doing here now. "After Harry heard it, he opened the door and met Megan and said," Well, I started seriously. "The rest is history.

Inevitably, the last matchmaker should also give rise to the bottom: she was unmarried, had a love affair with James Blunt and a child, and believed that the suspected aunt of Violent would appear on Harry's wedding of Meghan, Purple background, I believe the paparazzi will continue to explore.