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Henan's most northern county, do not understand a word

Tourism 2018-01-30 17:40:54 11

Hongqiqu, the national AAAAA-level tourist attractions, this in the last century 60's Linzhou people under extremely difficult conditions to build Zhang cited Zhang Lin project, everyone was hailed as "artificial Milky Way." Red Flag Canal represents Linzhou hard-working, gritty character. Now let's talk about Linzhou.

Linzhou, Henan Anyang City, under the jurisdiction of the county-level city, located in the northern tip of Henan, adjacent to Shanxi and Hebei provinces, in 1994 set up county-level cities, Lin County changed to Lin state. Linzhou Taihang Mountain area, where traffic is blocked, the conditions are difficult, and the most puzzling is that people in Linzhou to speak difficult to understand outsiders.

Central Plains is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, the dialect in this area is similar, the normal communication and exchange are no problem, but Lin state is a special case. Linzhou dialect is a Jin language Department - Handan film - magnetic Zhang small pieces, Linzhou dialect only used in Linzhou area, and the neighboring Anyang, Changzhi, Handan have great differences, not even a sentence do not understand.

Linzhou has a long history, cultural landscape blend, beautiful natural scenery, scenic beauty of the Taihang Mountains in the tourism development in Lin added a lot of beauty. Linzhou famous scenic spots are: Hongqiqu, Taihang Grand Canyon, Huang Huashan, Hong Valley Hill, Mountain Mountain, Longfeng Mountain, Wulong Cave, Wanquan Lake.