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Pajamas go out to wear haircut, Zheng Shuang studio when their own bedroom, the assistant can not stand?

Entertainment 2017-12-02 15:24:26 44

As a flow of flowers after 90, Zheng Shuang's every move will be everyone's attention. I thought it was a neighbor sister's character, did not expect her more casual these years, but there are still many people like her this smart personality.

All know Zheng Shuang very much like makeup, even acne face does not matter, because her pursuit is to be true to yourself.

Recently someone photographed Zheng cool wearing pajamas walking in the street, it is likely to be ready to the crew filming, if not the specific clothing, it can only prove that she is really free, and may wear this will be warmer?

It seems cool sister really casual, and even cast strange eyes around her, she did not care, but seriously get his hair.

Zhao Wei has always been very domineering, dressed in dressing gowns is also very eye-catching, looks very good temperament.

Fan Ye is domineering, appeared in the airport wearing pajamas, and the whole person is very confident, even wear out of the suit feeling.

Domineering Qi Wei, wearing pajamas directly drink tea, may not make the same day it, so wearing sunglasses.

Has always been a serious big power has a lovely side, I believe many girls have this type of pajamas, we all have a thick girl heart it.

Candy interviewed, also wearing a variety of pajamas, looks very obvious.

Meng Meng da Chen Yan Xi wearing pajamas is also very cute, but also holding a sweet pillow. Although now a mother, but the whole person's condition is still very good, like a growing girl.

Lin Chi-ling high color value, stunned to wear the pajamas evening dress feeling, this temperament is a lot of people can not reach it.

Bai Bai Ho looks more ordinary though, but the whole person's body is also very coordinated, even wearing pajamas, but also very domineering, and this pajamas texture is also very good.

Fat body some hair, but the overall feeling of Guan Lin is still great, this body color pajamas are not suitable for her.

The most characteristic is Deng Chao pajamas, but also made a very cute expression, is really the second god of the Fan community.

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