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Weekend Recommended: This may be the largest oyster I've ever eaten in Shenzhen!

Food 2017-12-02 15:30:49 26

Each shell are weighing 1 kg, sister paper hands are not hold

Lurking in the sandy end of the popular village barbecue,

90% of people are going to this big big oyster

After each oyster wash white can be on the grill, love that a fresh will point the original flavor, love to eat the flavors of garlic + spicy is standard.

What you eat is its fresh, but I only see it's big! full! Big size!

Just up each plate, basically by the second light rhythm. All of them are great, do not worry about getting a small one. Entrance of pleasure! Direct call enjoyable!

In addition to roasted oysters, the boss also created a lot of unique eating. Chicken crab pot has always been very fresh, add golden oyster, umami more rich.

The soup is very rich, must remember to eat a bowl of soup before eating meat, the essence of the whole pot is here.

An entire paste crab, a whole chicken, oysters how much you can order when the boss said. There are horseshoe bottom end of the pot, very refreshing.

Golden oyster shrimp pot, ginger stir-fried golden oysters, these are the owner based on the hour love to create a modified version of the Waicun Cai.

Retro honey grill with sesame seeds. </ Strong> This natives taste of childhood, Shenzhen is now the place to eat is running out.

Baked chicken skin and chicken brittle bone is a single king here, to the shop almost all twenty or thirty strings starting point. Roasted chicken legs crisp, the whole body exudes the fragrance of oil. That, what to lose weight talk to you tomorrow ~

More afraid of easy cold, the boss will be caring ready charcoal stove. Left hand beer right hand skewers, simply happy.

Four Seasons BBQ Hotpot stalls </ strong>

Futian District Cultural and Creative Park McDonald's go forward 60 meters

Self-Recommend ▏ Macaroon oven </ strong>

Maka oven naked cake Rich tower cream wrapped fresh fruit, fresh materials, excellent ingredients. A word summary: good!

Food ingredients is the basic food, as delicious not tasty, should not be told by Xiaobian, but by your taste to decide!

Eat cakes, open a birthday lie, put on elegant, black and white arrogance debate who is true love?

Xiaobian tell you, out of ancient black and white CP

Mashup, is king!

Quietly tell you Oh! This Maca oven cake support all Shenzhen, Guangzhou distribution Oh!

Wall Crack Recommended ↓ </ strong>

Public Search. Maca oven. </ strong>