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"Replica Angelababy" Ren Jiao nude falls dead police found the truth pure

Entertainment 2017-12-02 15:34:08 120

After two months of investigation finally has the result! Said that there is a copy of Angelababy (Yang Ying) said actress Ren Jiao, in October or any strange Jue died outside a hotel in Jiangsu, was found more Is naked lying in the grass, was rumored that she was suffering from depression choose abortion; also have something to do with drugs; but also refers to the new version of "Eagle Shooting Heroes 2017" played by Guo Jing Yang Xuwen related to the same time they were in the same room Hotel, was photographed into the woman into his room did not expect to die the next day, all kinds of speculation caused a lot of concern outside.

Ren Jiao died finally confirmed an accident.

Since then, Ren Jiao Ji Wei Wei by her parents, so as to avoid speculation on the outside world to make a statement, the truth of all the police shall prevail: "The recent spread on the Internet all about the reasons for the death of Ren Jiao, the news (picture ), Are false rumors. Please netizens respect the deceased, do not hearsay, corrupt .In the event of the final result of the police investigation after the announcement of the results. "Two months later, the recent interview with Wang Wei again The incident made a speech confirming that the People's Police have ascertained the truth and that Ren Jiao's death was an accident only when it was determined that the other party had temporarily lost his drinking because of alcohol consumption and no one had nothing to do with shady people.

Ren Jiao Ji Wei Wang Wei earlier issued a statement, all the truth to the police to identify the subject.

According to "KUGOU.TV" reported that after the death of Ren Jiao's death related to Yang Xuwen also issued a statement through the studio, the rumors of earlier rumors and false statements are rumors. And he himself wrote a message through his social networking website, stressing that the truth has been wrongly identified and rumored: "We urge people not to repeat the rumor to corrupt the rumor. The rumor ends with the wise man, asking everyone to respect the deceased person and asking everyone to give the dead family a quiet space ! "

Yang Xu Wen also issued a statement through the studio.