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14 kinds of poetry often test small language literary sub-sub-content?

Education 2018-01-29 17:03:12 4

If Xiamen University Education editors back to school time again, winter vacation education in Xiamen, the most wanted thing is: read some beautiful poetry. In addition to cultivating their own sentiments, it is also important to take advantage of the abundance of time to take a deep dive. Today, mathematics added to everyone the enjoyment of famous poems in 14 categories.

First, Spring Scenery </ strong>

Spring garden can not stop, an affair came out to the wall. Song Ye Shao Weng "garden is not worth"

Four hundred and eighty Temple in the Southern Dynasties, how many towers in the misty rain. Tandoori animal husbandry "Jiangnan Spring"

Jasper makeup into a tree, 000 hanging green silk sash.

I do not know who cut leaves, February spring like scissors. Tung Hee chapter "Wing Willow"

Day Street, small drizzle Runru, grass color to see near but no. The best year of spring benefits, must win the full smoke Yanhuang. Don Han Yu "early spring"

Second, Summer Poems </ strong>

Whisper springs silent stream, shine Yin Shuilu love shade soft.

Lotus is sharp, long dragonfly stand up. - Song Yang Miles "Koike"

After all, West Lake in June, the scenery is not the same with the four o'clock.

Then day lotus leaf infinite Bi, Ying Japanese lotus reddish. - Song Yang Miles "Xiao Jing Temple to send Linzi side"

When the plum five yellow day sunny, the brook Panzhiyao mountain trip. Zeng Ji Dutch has no engine rain cover, Ju Kui still proud of cream branches. (Su Shi)

Three, Autumn Poems </ strong>

Moon Wudiao frost, Jiang Feng Yuhuo sleep on the wooded. Tang Zhangji "Maple Night Night"

Parking love Fenglin night, frost leaves in February flower. Don Du Mu "mountain"

A residual sun shop water, half a river Sese half river.

Pity in the first three nights of September, like a pearl like a bow. Tang Bai Juyi "Twilight Jiang Yin"

Fourth, winter scenery </ strong>

Thousands of birds fly absolutely, thousands of trails people disappear. Boat PC World Weng, fishing alone trees and snow. Don Liu Zongyuan "Jiang Xue"

Dusk Cangshan far, poor white house poverty. Chai smell barking, snow and snow at night. Liu Changqing "every snowy Mount Furong Hill owner"

Suddenly as a spring breeze, thousands of trees pear tree bloom. - Cen Sen

Blow the window clearer, the moon a day snow. (Yuan Mei)

Five, patriotic poems </ strong>

Who has never died in life, to take Dan heart according to history. Song Wen Tianxiang "over zero Ding Yang"

Three miles east into the sea, five thousand Yue Yue on the sky.

Dessert tears to make Hu dust in the south Wang Wang another year. - Song Lu You, "autumn night will know the fence to welcome the cold feeling"

Yuan Zhi dead to know everything is empty, but sad not Kyushu with. Song Lu You "show children"

Broken mountains in the country, the city of spring grass deep, feeling flowers splash tears, hate other birds startled.

The flames even in March, the book arrived million gold, white head scratch shorter, muddy desire hairpin. Tandoori Fu "Spring Hope"

Golden sand wearing armor, not broken Loulan eventually return. (Wang Changling)

Health as a man, death is also a ghost male. (Li Qingzhao)

Four million people cry together and cut Taiwan last year. Qiu Feng Chia "Spring Melancholy"

Six, landscape idyllic </ strong>


Birds fly high, alone cloud alone go idle. Do not look tired, only Jing Ting Shan. Don Li Bai "Sitting alone King Pavilion Hill"

Cross into the ridge into a peak, far and near different levels. (Su Shi)

Will be extremely Ling, a list of small hills. (Du Fu)


Half a square pond a Kam open, a total of wandering clouds sky. (Zhu Xi) a residual sun shop water, half a river Sese half Jiang Hong (Bai Juyi)

Moonlight two-phase and lake, the lake goggles are not grinding. (Liu Yuxi)

Landscape: </ strong>

Rizhao incense and purple smoke, see the waterfall hanging Qianchuan.

Flying down three thousand feet, suspected Galaxy nine days. Li Bai "Hope Lushan Waterfall"

Tianmen open Chu Jiang Kai, clear water east flow back to this.

Cross-Strait opposite the green hills, Gansu a day to come. Don Li Bai "Wangtianmen Hill"

Water 潋 潋 滟 sunny side, mountains and rain is also surprising. (Su Shi)

Pastoral: </ strong>

Tian Li night field plot plot Ma, village children when the house.

Tongsun unsolved for farming, but also Pudao Sang learn melon. (Fan Chengda )

Therefore, people have chicken millet, invited me to Tian family. Tree edge of the village together, Aoyama Guo oblique.

Open Xuan noodle shop, Sangma wine. When it comes to Double Ninth Day, it is daisy. Tang Meng Hao Ran "over the village"

People idle sweet-scented osmanthus Falls, night static Spring Hill empty. Moonrise scared birds, when Ming Chun stream. Tang Wang Wei "bird singing stream"

Seventh, farewell poem </ strong>

Trinidad Huang Yun daydream, the snow blowing wild snow and snow have.

Do not worry about the way forward ignorant, the world who do not know Jun. Don high suitable "do not Dongda"

Weicheng Chao Yu Yi Qing dust, guest rooms willow green color.

Advise Jun even make a glass of wine, west of the Yang Guan no reason people. Don Wang Wei "send Yuan two to Anxi"

Han rain night into the Wu, Ping-Ming Chu Shan solitary guest.

Friends and relatives such as Luoyang ask, a heart of ice in the jade pot. Tang Wang Changling "Hibiscus floor to send Xin gradually"

Chang-chang endless tree, only weeping willow tube away. (Liu Yuxi) and sent Wangsun, 萋 萋 full of farewell. (Bai Juyi)

Eight, friendship poems </ strong>

Weicheng Chao Yu Yi Qing dust, guest rooms willow green color.

Advise Jun even make a glass of wine, west of the Yang Guan no reason people. Don Wang Wei "send Yuan two to Anxi"

Friends and relatives such as Luoyang ask, a heart of ice in the jade pot. Tang Wang Changling "Hibiscus floor to send Xin gradually"

Sea memory friends, Tianya Zorpia. Tang - Wang Bo, "send Du Shaoyu Ren Shu state"

Li Bai boat will want to do, suddenly heard shore singing songs. Peach Lake deep thousand feet, less than Wang Lun sent me love. Li Bai "donated Wang Lun"

Nine, homesick poem </ strong>

Bright moonlight bed, suspected ground frost. Look up the moon, bow to think of hometown. Li Bai "quiet night thinking"

Alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festivals times think pro.

Ascension brothers ascended the throne, less than one cornelian. Wang Wei "September 9 brothers from Shandong"

Spring breeze and the southern bank of the Green River, the moon when I still? "Boating melon Island"

Jun from his hometown, should know the hometown. Qi Yee window before the day, Han Mei flowers not? Wang Wei "Miscellaneous Poems"

Ten Animal Poems </ strong>

Hundreds of thousands of random move, mountain purple red and purple tree level.

Know that the lock to the Golden cage to listen, less than the basic forest quiet crow. Song Ouyang repair "thrush"

Both flat and mountain tip, unlimited scenery to be accounted for. Picking flowers into honey, who hard for whom sweet. Tang Luo hidden "bee"

Eleven, bird's poem </ strong>

Two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, a line of egrets on the sky. Du Fu "quatrains"

Xisaishan ago egret fly, Peach Flowing catfish fat. Zhang Zhi and "Fisherman Son"

Twelve, caretaker poetry </ strong>

I wash the pool side of the tree trees, blossoming light ink marks. Do not exaggerate the color of people, leaving only Qing Qi heaven and earth. Yuan Wang Mian "Mexican plum"

Assuming Aoyama do not relax, the root of the original broken rock. Thousands of milliwatts are also strong, Ren Seoul East-West wind. Qing Zheng Xie "Bamboo"

Thousands of thousands of hit the mountains, if the fire burns leisurely, crushed bone are not afraid, to be innocent in the world. Ming Yu Qian "lime Yin"

Thirteen, frontier poem </ strong>

Grape wine luminous cup, drink pipa right away. Drunk lying on the battlefield Jun Mo laugh, the ancient expedition several people back. Tang Wang Han "Liangzhou word"

When the Ming and Qing Dynasties Guan Han, Long March people did not return. However, the dragon will fly in, do not teach Humaduo Yinshan. - Tang Wang Changling "plug."

The Yellow River far away from the clouds, a solitary city Wanjian Mountain. Why bamboo flute complain willow, spring is not degree Pass. - Tang Wang Zhihuan "Liangzhou word"

Lam Lam grass surprise, the general night cited bow. Ping Ming find white feather, not in stone edges. Tang Luxun "Cypriot song"

XIV, portrays the moon's poem </ strong>

Bright moonlight bed, suspected ground frost. Look up the moon, bow to think of hometown. Li Bai "quiet night thinking"

Hours do not know the moon, called white plate. Yao also suspected Yao mirror, flying in the Albatron side. Li Bai "Gurang lunar line"

Sea students moon, End of the World total at this time. Tang Zhang Jiuling "Mochizuki Huaiyuan"

Spring flowers when the moon, the past know how much? (Li Yu) Moon River Jianzhao, Qingquan stone high. (Wang Wei)

Desert sand like snow, Yanshanyue hook. (Li He) Wild Kuangtian trees, Jiang Qing Yue people. (Meng Haoran)