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With Chen Baiqiang par, the strength is not lost Alan Tam, for a word offended Leslie and was brutally blocked?

Entertainment 2018-01-29 14:08:35 10

70 years, Sam Hui, Rowan, who hard-edged, will not inflow of Hong Kong music from the "vulgar" to the elegant hall. 90's, "Four Kings" radiant, unmatched world, Cantonese songs lead the trend of pop songs in the new era. One after the other are very dazzling, showing the folder in the 80's, it is infinitely brilliant.

"Chen Tan Zhang Mei" Although in the leading position, but also always scary, with less effort may be squeezed altar. After all, the music scene in Hong Kong can be described as talented people at a time when the people like Zhongzhen Tao, Ye Qianwen and Priscilla Chan are only one step away from the emperor.

Now, however, the position of the "Three KOFs and the First" is irreplaceable after all, but most of the partners who have been with them in the past have mostly ended earlier. Cai Fenghua to say today is one of them.

Cai Fenghua, born in 1960 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong singer, actress and presenter in the 1980s. In 79 years Cai Fenghua won the championship singing contest, 80 years won the best newcomer award, launched the debut album "Point Xiang tell you know."

As a singer with Alan Tam and Jacky Cheung of the same era, Cai Fenghua won the debut title of "Prince Charming," and his songs "Why Were Once Upon a Time," "Absolute Emptiness," and "Shadows" are all hot and do not show off. Dawn is relied on the cover of "absolute emptiness" award-winning, into the music scene.

Cai Fenghua career in the sky, but because of a wrong word, and was banned, faddle down. In 1985, Golden Melody Awards ceremony held in Hong Kong as scheduled, Cai Fenghua once again as moderator. At the time when Leslie Cheung came to accept the award, Cai Fenghua said: "Congratulations on Leslie Cheung, but the flash of glory does not mean eternity." In the face of this full provocation, his brother, who is naturally easy-going, said nothing but better than nothing.

Because it is full of ironic words offended at that time favorable for Leslie Cheung's wireless television executives, after the company's cold deal. At this point, Cai Fenghua boycotted by the fans, the record company blocked. Fame plummeted, from the popular generation of singers, mixed with almost no vertical cone of the land.

Afterwards, the media reported Cai Fenghua's scandal and randomly demonized him. Together with Hong Chao Feng, Lan Jie Ying and Tan Po Lin, Hong Kong was known as the "Four Epilepsy King." From the former and Chen Baiqiang par "Prince Charming" to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong "Four epilepsy king", think Cai Fenghua this life, really is bumpy ah!

In this regard, how do you think?