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Du Chun father fell into the "peach Rasa door", in response to "suspected seduce the woman," the news is not true

Entertainment 2018-01-29 11:49:31 17

Recent entertainment melon is one by one, ah, today broke the well-known online actor Du Chun's father Du Zhiguo "seduce a 44-year-old woman," the woman broke the news on the Internet that she and Du Zhiguo are fellow claiming Du Zhiguo back to his hometown, "Baoding", with her WeChat, the two usually have a ride did not take a chat.

Finally she said Du Zhiguo invited her to eat, we all have dinner, she drank wine poured down Du Zhiguo lost consciousness, the two had a relationship, resulting in pregnancy. The woman said that after their own pregnancy, Du Zhiguo do not care about themselves, they went to fight the fetus, the heart really Biequ, so she was online exposure! </ span>

This material came out, shocked the entire entertainment circle, DU Du's father Du Zhiguo gives the impression that is a very straightforward old artist, it is impossible to think of such a thing! As for the woman's broke the news, the media contacted Du Zhiguo himself, he said the woman immortal jump, is an extortion recidivist, has been handled by the police. After all, what is the truth? We will follow up.

If the woman said is true, then Du Zhigu should pay his own responsibility, if the woman is a fraud then she will get legal sanctions, but also Du Zhiguo a fair!