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Obviously did not eat, can be stoving teeth, always pulled out yellow things, what is it?

Health 2018-01-29 11:55:01 8

Many people may find themselves in the bored when the teeth, gums and gums at the junction of a number of things stick with the tongue lick, uncomfortable, with a toothpick, nails pulled out and found to be yellow, soft paste Something smells smelly, what is it?

In fact, yellow teeth pulled out is tartar - the product of plaque! </ strong>

What is plaque? It is a general term for a large number of bacteria that are gradually deposited on the surface of teeth. These deposited bacteria can not be removed by brushing or gargling. Dental plaque and food debris, shedding of oral epithelial cells combine to form these yellowish-smelling tartar. I think you already understand why it is so stinky, think about your family forgotten discarded rubbish, the truth is the same.

Over time, these yellow and yellow tartar will be hardened by soft, strong adhesion, brushing, pull out the nail with no calculus, produce dental caries, gingival recession, etc., but also make bad breath long-term existence.

Some people say that I do not clean up tartar it? However, if there is no reduction in plaque, even if the tartar was cleaned up, the plaque attached to the tooth formed calculus and bad breath in a short period of time, that is, the dental plaque in the mouth was not reduced, These yellow tartar, bad breath will not be less.

So, how to reduce plaque everyday? </ strong>

Deposition of bacteria into plaque, is done in an acidic environment, if the oral sour, the oral flora will increase the number of dental plaque also rapid precipitation increased. So, everyday we can take some methods to weaken the oral acidic, balanced oral pH.

1, choose alkaline non-ionic organic toothpaste

Acidic mouth can be used to balance alkaline, especially alkaline non-ionic toothpaste, this type of toothpaste contains more than 95% of the natural organic plants in the mouth can be gentle and effective cleaning, polishing teeth, the formation of alkaline environment through plants, Neutralize the acidic mouth and maintain oral pH balance, which not only helps to reduce plaque, but also protect the gums and oral mucosa.

2, eat more whole grains

If you eat soft, delicate food, plaque, dental calculus deposition faster, so you can eat more rough food, help to reduce plaque, calculus.

3, eat floss after eating, do not use toothpicks

Abroad, every family has a dental floss, which is more suitable than toothpicks to clean teeth, not only can be more in-depth cleaning of the teeth to reduce the oral changes due to food and acid, will not cause the teeth to grow bigger and bigger, Gingival recession.

4, mouthwash after dinner

Mouthwash after meals can reduce food residue in the mouth, the reason is the same with the floss.

5, drink less carbonated drinks, eat less sweet food

Intake of carbonated, sucrose, the oral will become sour, so plaque formation becomes more, so eat less usually eat these foods.