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Dare to say after the wave point of earth? Message to awkward!

Fashion 2018-01-29 10:10:49 16

Waves too earth?

You will not wear!

Polka Dot as a retro fashion element, as early as 50 years in the last century has been very popular, fashion at that time people are like black and white knee-length dress, it is the most classic wave style.

After the waves in the fashion circle set off a wave of boom. In the "great lady", Maggie also has the interpretation of the wave single product - this wave point shirt can be said that the whole body bright spot.

Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Dragon and Phoenix" in the classic style, high-waisted wave point dress with black shirt, elegant, and Julia Robert in the movie "Pretty Woman" in the classic brown-white dress , Also known as the most suitable dating apparel.

However, this classic element to the present, actually some people think that soil! ! ? In fact, you do not understand how to match! The mix of wave points and stylish elements, is the most in fashion!

Wave skirt + sneakers, playful </ strong>

Skirts can be said that each girl's heart love, with the wave of skirts with a more prominent woman cute cute, jumping from the wave of women is more lively and vivid.

Polka Dot dress with the same color of the coat is monotonous, with the converse canvas shoes to wear even more out of color, who said the skirt must take high heels.

V-collar wave point skirt with a black jacket easy to show old-fashioned, plus a pair of white shoes will be able to reduce age and bright eyes. V-neck dress take "not good to wear," the denim jacket, literature and art combined with a small unruly, you must take the eye. The length of the skirt is also very important oh, short coat with long skirts, instantly increase the secret!

With the same color wave skirts and sneakers will make the whole body more coordinated, the recent popularity can highlight the waist belt lace dress, black and white wave point lace dress with black and white sneakers, the entire wear will not jump out of three Color, more likely to wear a sense of fashion.

The same white black skirt can also try to match Martin boots, cool Martin boots will not undermine the overall beauty, but let the whole wear a bit more handsome, if you feel too monotonous, add a bright little bag Perfect

With the same color wave strap with, and add a sense of alternative heels high stockings, stylish look does not make people squinting.

Dot shirt + trendy outfit, Out of the ordinary </ strong>

Shirts are the most basic style of our daily life, but the shirt design are mostly the same, easily fall into the ordinary, and joined the wave element of the shirt is very simple to be able to escape from the crowd.

In the pure background to add playful waves, the original serious shirt can become lovely. Nine points jeans is obviously high will be selected, at the same time very much by age. In winter, the timely addition of jacket to wind warm, long coat even more stylish.

Polka dot shirt with denim skirt can also be a mix and match, the side of the striped wave point shirt itself mix and match the movement of the wind, the lower body is spliced ​​gauze denim skirt, upper body sports femininity half body, very femleisure.

Some people also use loose pants with wave point shirt with lazy wind. Red white dot shirt with dark wide-leg pants, the same is very fashionable, and sometimes can not think of the lower body with, you can try the most comfortable striped sweatpants, effortlessly out of color.

Polka Dot + Top Coats, More Innovative </ strong>

Polka Dot dress classic single, just too common to wear, it is difficult to dress up new ideas. Maybe you're missing a jacket that you can mix and match.

Polka Dot skirt plus this year's popular suit jacket and high collar within the ride is very special. Stacking jeans under the skirt is also a good way to mix and match, there are new ideas and easy superior.

The same wave skirt + suit jacket, want to be more prominent you can change a oversize, with the same feel you are very soil stockings + sandals, negative is equal to 100 points stylish.

This year, the most fried chicken fashionable tooling jacket, is also a good partner Wave Point skirt, playful and industrial mix and match of two styles, wear a different feeling.

Last year, the pilots under Tuen also take a new fashion jacket, a high-necked sweater with Dot skirts, outside the pilot jacket, inexplicable sense of harmony.

Dot style fashion items, more sense </ strong>

In addition to the classic wave of a single product with the trend of a single product with the wave point directly into the fashion of a single product, but also enhance the sense of fashion, whether or take the ride are more unique.

Any kind of single product is ok, polka dot coat, polka dot cat with shoes, polka dot skirts, polka dot suits, random collocation can show the unusual beauty.

Complete sets of elements plus the wave of the suit, with a hit color bags, the characteristics of the wave point is not easy to hit the shirt, with the fit of the cut, even more capable professional sense, but also cool Oh!

This year's most popular lace coat to join the wave element is amazing, but pay attention to try to catch as much as you want to choose the light within the ride, like white turtleneck and jeans as the ride, simple and generous very pretty.

Similarly, in this wave point and printed leopard stitching skirt, because the skirt has been a lot of fancy, and other parts of the ride will be more normal, such as black leather + black boots, you can easily control the fancy dress to .

Simple wave point dress or shirt is difficult to have its own characteristics, too many design and easy to turn the boat, so a very unique sense of the design of wave single product, even a simple wave can be very outstanding.

For example, unilateral strap tops, straps designed to make the whole body more Fan, or strapless wave point skirts, strapless design easier for you to distinguish from the crowd.

Cats and heels have been very hot, this dual-wave cats pointed with sharp-pointed shoes were significantly thin, out shopping to wear comfortable and good-looking.

These stylish elements on the Wave wear tips, you have learned?