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The world's largest and smallest owl! User: Yang is not the "carved brother"?

International 2018-01-28 16:59:50 4

Many owls know, but do you know that the world's largest and smallest owl grows? First of all, let's introduce the largest owl in the world! Yang is simply the "carving brother"!

This owl is called Sculpin, also known as the island owl, is the world's largest owl, adult bird about 70 cm long (the figure of the young 50 cm), the wings up to 2 meters, the current habitat About 140 of the eastern Hokkaido (with numbered toe rings) are the most endangered species in the owl family, and the problem of mating with relatives is worrying. There are less than 1000 Grime 鱼 in the world!

The figure is June 10, 2014, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment Hokkaido local environmental law office staff wearing a numbered metal sling for the fur-legged fishing catch in order to better track the traces of the fur-legged fishing catch, better Research and protect such endangered animals! Raw Legs have been included in the IUCN Red List 2013 endangered species ver 3.1 - Endangered (EN).

The smallest owls in the world are called dwarf owls, and their size is about the same size as a sparrow. Dwarf owls dwelling in desert cactus, often using the woodpecker pecking out of the hole nest. A tree hole can live in six or seven families. This owl feathers have two black spots, like two eyes, so people are called "four birds." They can be seen in all kinds of forests at an altitude of 800-3500 meters. Now belongs to the national secondary animal protection.

Is not the world's magnificent? Mao Le fishing is not only a lone defeat that carved?