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National Snow Football Championship January 28 in Qiqihar ended

Sports 2018-01-28 15:44:42 2

In the championship competition, both players fierce fight.

People's Network, Harbin, January 28 January 28 afternoon, 2018, "I Love Football" China Football Private Competition and the third national snow football tournament ended at Hecheng Stadium. This event is also one of the activities of Qiqihar City Ice Hockey Festival series. In the final Qiqihar Kan Ye string string incense 2-0 win over Changchun big baby football team, won the championship, which won the runner-up. Harbin defender team, Daqing Angel melody team tied for third.

The competition sponsored by the Chinese Football Association, Qiqihar City Sports Bureau, Qiqihar City Sports Federation, Heilongjiang Province Football Association contractors, Qiqihar City Football Association as the executing agency. The competition aims to implement the "Overall Plan for the Reform and Development of China's Football" and in response to the call of "300 million people to participate in the ice and snow sports", vigorously carry out the national fitness exercise and call for more people to participate in this activity. A total of 24 teams from within and outside the province participated in the competition, and more than 300 players here started a two-day five-man snow football game. Competition implementation of the latest FIFA's "FIFA Futsal Rules" and the latest revision of "China Football Association disciplinary measures." The competition is divided into two stages, the first phase of the draw group for single round robin, no seed team. The second phase to take the knockout, according to the group ranking to cross-match manner, and ultimately determine the rank of each team. (Han Ting Peng, Zhang Liang)