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"Singer 2018" Angela Chang life is sad, you do not know the years she was violent

Entertainment 2018-01-28 11:04:41 199

Since 2018 "singer" has been launched, several contestants have drawn much attention. In addition to Jie Qian not far from the ocean, Wang Feng, a rock and roll representative, and the strength and topic of 2017 "China has a hip-hop" champion gai Both players lineup. Since the broadcast, the topic of hot spots, frequently occupy the hot search list. A few games down, we witnessed the super strength of the singers, the scene often passionate, but also felt Jessie singing songs from overseas is extremely powerful appeal, but in the midst of this, we must note that both host The human singer - Angela Chang </ strong>.

Angela Chang is right for the youth after 90, but also familiar, and she is the youth of this generation, starred in "Dolphin Bay Lovers" in 2003 and became popular; December 2004 album "Aurora" nominated 16th "Golden Melody Award" Best Mandarin female singer; starred in the 2005 movie "SMS January chase"; in 2007, boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Evening, the same year by virtue of "Dream Flower" won the Singapore Golden Melody Award four awards; In 2008, with the "Princess" for the second time finalists television "Admiralty Award" drama best actress award. These works, let her stay in a generation of young memories, when she was shoulder to shoulder JJ Lin, Pan.

But no one knows the sadness behind her success. Angela Chang childhood love singing, but the pentameter, now the voice is young twice a week when practicing ktv life, to say Angela Tong's childhood experience, and "dolphin bay lover" she plays easy sky side exactly the same, in the mother The dishes in the restaurant, close the plate, wash the dishes, but she was only 10 years old when they experienced these.

She has experienced two immigrants, her family fell in Canada, her father's business failed, unable to work due to illness, as a long daughter, she took the burden of raising a family, car wash, take-away and other part-time work she has done, that When she was 15 years old, but this she also has congenital heart disease.

She loves to sing, in such a difficult environment, did not give up her dreams, and finally in frequent participation in various singing competitions, was finally brokerage firm fancy signing, but in two years of professional training and learning period, there is no She also has been working in clothing stores to subsidize living expenses.

Prior to this she had traveled around the world, Sony, Warner, BMG, EMI and other top five record companies in the world, have been cold case, the other given the reason is also very hurt: "looks ordinary, general singing, no acting," but she Still did not give up because of the blow.

Her successful experience tells us that the amount of money paid off will be proportional to her return. However, fate did not easily let go of this legitimate candidate for the next day. Life, the family once again gave her a heavy blow.

Originally, she hired her mother as her agent, talking about anything, all income into the mother's account. However, Angela Chang is in a rising period in 2007, but she was photographed Zhang singer Zhang Enghe engage in extramarital affairs! After kissing, flirting and other large-scale photos out.

After the incident, Zhang Mum was told by the outside world to talk about the relationship with Zhang Hao-zhe because Zhang Ma and Zhang Ba did not divorce. Angela saw her so sad that she came out to carry responsibility and said it was her fault. However, this did not stop Zhang Ma from changing her condition since her divorce in 2009. Zhang Zhang and her uncle, Angela Zhang, accused Angela of "abandoning her husband" and thus being labeled "unfilial". She was once read by Taiwanese media Can not go out, people scolded "beasts as well."

However, in fact, it is only because Angela Chang can not afford the high maintenance payments made by her mother. After the release of mother and daughter substandard news, Zhang Ma did not give up on this, then broke the news Angela Zhang drug abuse, alcoholism, but also open a lot of Angela's ugliness. Angela angrily for this end, the last cry in front of the media did a drug test force innocence. However, at a time when the derailment in the entertainment industry was rare, an unfilial label had already been packed back by entertainers, not to mention drug addiction.

Not to mention serious injuries to her is none other than a loved one, the brokerage firm to maintain a neutral attitude watching this farce, she alone alone insisted, the most difficult time, but no port can make her dock, was hit to the heart Infected hospitalization, she also survived. It's hard to imagine how she would be a stubborn, optimistic person who could empower her to bear these.

In recent years, she has never stopped, she has been works, has been in the dream of the road, but before we were blindfolded label, can not see her. The group of people who dream, but Angela has been doing is the dream, she never said much, no scandal speculation, she has a lover will say it, will protect her other half, did not disclose any message.

She does not want much, can stand on the stage to continue singing, saying "I'm back ~", know her, natural tears, she was in the masked singer, under the mask She loved the stage, loved singing, enjoying everything, fearless, and she was not afraid, even losing all the power of love.

"Singer 2018" Hope Angela can do as she said the same phrase, let us remember, there is a singer, Angela.