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Zheng Shuang TV series rich in resources but rarely speak, or her character criticism?

Entertainment 2017-12-02 14:29:52 147

As we all know, Zheng Shuang is the most popular entertainment artist in recent years, because when he was 16 years old, he participated in the first TV series "Meteor Shower together" became popular now, eight years Zheng Shuang has been in the circle Accumulate a lot of contacts within the year, which is not the year's resources into a hung trend.

In recent years, as long as the drama is cool Zhengshu basically fire, of course, the reason is too popular. As entertainment's most controversial actress, Zheng Shuang's every move has been a lot of users attention, some time ago she blew the film and television resources have the top resources, some say she upright personality was also said she was too confident.

However, from Zheng Shuang's follow-up work this year, this seems to be the case, like Luo Jin and "I want to love the whole world for you," and Ma Tianyu's "sadness into the river" and Tong Dawei's "top secret" are big production Of the TV series, pre-publicity is very fierce, it seems that they are not the first episode of the TV series.

Although there are so many film and television resources, but in the commercial advertisements Zheng Shuang seems almost no endorsement it. We all know that most of the celebrity entertainers now derive their income from movies and TV shows. In addition, they are all kinds of commercial activities and advertising endorsements. So that Zheng Shuang in this regard can be considered the goddess of clean entertainment in the bar.

In fact, Zheng Shuang, but after 90 very popular little flower, and, in theory, the commercial value should also be very large right, did not expect this year took a game endorsement. Perhaps Zheng Shuang's personality problem, very upright, a lot of large-scale film and television drama activities have refused to participate, I believe a lot of commercial endorsement also rejected a lot of it.

Now, Zheng cool filming has been serious fans are very happy thing, and embarked on the path of self-flight Zheng Shuang invented more moving, I believe she later will slowly adjust the mentality, into this complex entertainment bar.