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"Jedi survival" update appeared numerous BUG: teammates change the enemy's official response to the restoration

Game 2018-01-27 21:27:48 6

"Jedi survival" in the recent update, many players have encountered varying degrees of BUG in the game, such as being mate manslaughter, marking errors, etc., very affect the game experience, the official also found these problems, and issued a notice of the recent The known issues are explained.

The official lists some of the issues currently appearing in "Jedi Survival," including the ones that are about to be fixed in the next update, those that are under investigation, and the ones that need feedback, although the problem-solving column has been left blank. Players are very concerned about the "dropped after the reconnection, his teammates can not distinguish each other and rescue," the problem is located in the cause / repair phase.

Announcement: </ strong>

The following is a list of problems that occurred since the last official update, with one part identifying the cause and the other being under repair.

In addition to the game's content and system development, the development team is also spare no effort to fix bugs and troubleshoot problems. Our goal is to increase transparency and let players know which issues have been fixed and are being fixed. We hope we can better deal with emerging issues.

Most of the recent map bugs have been fixed and have been applied to the official service. However, due to the size of the map and the complexity of the terrain, undiscovered problems may still exist. (For example, the characters fall into the ground but can move around and use the weapon; the body part is buried underground while lying down; the character cards die in certain terrain or sinking into the ground) The prompt report of the player is very helpful to our repair work. If you have a bug at a place, please send us a screenshot or video.

thank you very much.

List of Questions [Updated: At January 17, 2018]

Ready to complete, problem to be fixed </ strong>

These issues have all been completed internally. They will be fixed on the next official update.

· The compass scale fly straight downwards

Jumping and climbing in the water lead to abnormal death

Delay between reinstalling ammo and first shot

* 8 times the scope of the lens to change to another weapon when the zoom field of vision

If the character crouches, close the door, the door opens immediately after the character stands up

The role of the motorcycle in the vacant switch seat will stop and sink into the ground

Basic Perspective Intermittent pixelation

· Some in-game texts are missing or misaligned

· Re-connect the game, the precise aiming perspective and first-person perspective lost intermittently

Location reasons / Fixing issues </ strong>

These are confirming the cause or fixing the problem.

Motorcycle tipped over randomly

Two players stuck in the middle of the door

· When reporting by playing back, sometimes the name is displayed incorrectly or even not visible

Leather Boots (Brown) - Long Leather Boots (Brown) There are no nails in the game

· The 4x mirror sight in color-blind mode is shown in red instead of blue

· Friends list abnormal function

· The "Reconnect" button is not displayed after a custom race is dropped

· Double / four-row mode reconnection dropped, teammates can not identify each other and rescue

· Double row / four rows mode reconnection, the location of the teammate on the map display error

· Double row / four row mode reconnection, the lower left team members of the blood has been shown full state (unchanged)

Questions to feedback </ strong>

These are relatively rare problems under special circumstances. If you encounter these problems, please feedback through Weibo.

· The main interface BP displays N / A, and will prompt that the matching failed

- Please take a screenshot of the main interface and private letter official microblogging. This problem is caused by a failure of inventory information.

BP shows as "-"

- This behavior is caused when a server is fluctuating, consuming BP heavily at the same time (such as repeatedly trying to reset the appearance of a character). Please screenshot of the main interface and feedback through microblogging private letter.

· When you try to reconnect after disconnecting, the "Reconnect" button disappears

- If you see the error message at the bottom of the main interface, please take a screenshot and privately trust the official microblogging.

Resolved issue </ strong>

These are issues that have been fixed at the time of this article's release

· Will be released through the follow-up announcement

Please note: </ strong>

* Resolved issue may take some time to come into effect

* Some of the problems that are being addressed or addressed are not in the list above

* To avoid abuse, some of the issues that will be fixed after the update are not listed

* Please feedback any other issues or bugs you may have with Weibo

Thank you!

Jedi survival development and community team