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Feng Ying, Zhengzhou girl after 90 went to fight with the sick seven years have touched countless people

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Four years ago, Feng Ying, who was "sentenced" to death by a doctor, welcomed Yang Haibin's proposal. That year, 22-year-old Feng Ying, Yang Haibin is also 22 years old. Four years later, Feng Ying, who was lying in her bed, left quietly. She is 26 years old this year and Yang Haibin is also 26 years old.

"Heaven is not sick, no pain. Angels in heaven, good, go all the way, baby." Haibin micro-channel friends circle, in order to send goodbye once so strong and beautiful wife.

March 2, 2014

Feng Ying dream to be a bride

On March 2, 2014, a wedding in Zhengzhou attracted wide attention. Feng Ying, a bride with a severe brain tumor, is a 90-year-old girl who met her groom on the Internet. The first meeting was in the ward, and several critically ill notices kept her love from warming up.

Their love touched a lot of people, people spontaneously to help the couple. Wedding cars, wedding planning, wedding are free. Willing to get one heart, white first do not leave, is the hope of love.

On the stage of "China Dream Show," Feng Ying and Yang Haibin's love story touched everyone and won 300,000 medical bills for Feng Ying craniotomy.

May 6, 2014

Feng Ying second craniotomy

In order to minimize the risk of surgery, the dream show group Feng Ying sent to the more authoritative Beijing Tiantan Hospital craniotomy surgery scheduled for the morning of May 6.

From April 28 admitted to the Temple of Heaven hospital, her husband Yang Haibin has been accompanied by Feng Ying's side, take good care of her. May 5, in order to better surgery, Feng Ying was shaved head by the doctor. Yang Haibin know Yingying love beautiful, not willing to shave the hair, in order to encourage Yingying, Yang Haibin also shaved bald head.

Craniotomy done, young couple's life to continue happiness. Although the way to fight disease is still long, Feng Ying said: "She just wanted an ordinary life, cherish the family, cherish each and every person, cherish every day of life. The community cares for me, I will always remember "

Later, "Lu Yu You Yue" section also invited the young couple to talk about their story, moved countless spectators. Feng Ying and Yang Haibin's love of life, let us firmly believe that love is magic. Smile can overcome the body's pain, love can go beyond the long suffering.

September 19, 2015

Feng Ying first venture

After a year of rehabilitation, the young couple choose to open a restaurant, but because of the catering industry for a long time, Feng Ying's body was too much for the body, three months later, the restaurant suspension of business.

May 2016

Feng Ying second venture

From 2013, Feng Ying and Yang Haibin acquaintance, their feelings after getting married is getting better and better. Feng Ying often said optimism is her business card. Turning to the future, Feng Ying said that we should actively conditioning the body, ready to give birth to a baby.

Mid-December 2017

Feng Ying fourth craniotomy

Feng Ying returned to Zhengzhou a few days later, the body is not suitable, they returned to Beijing to check, in fact, at that time, the doctor carrying Yingying inform their mother, the child has been running out of time, surgery has been impossible ... Yingying's life really Into the countdown.

At about 3 pm on January 26, Feng Ying's body was transported to the funeral home. On the 28th, Yingying's family, relatives and former friends will send her the last minute. </ strong>

Feng Ying,


Heaven is not sick,

Only laughter.

Four years ago we witnessed your grand wedding together,

Four years later we silently pray for you.

Reporter: Xing Wei