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Fan Cheng Cheng mistaken cry was hot, Fan Bingbing response bright!

Entertainment 2018-01-27 17:10:56 32

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Because Fan Bingbing's sudden change of head coupled with Li Chen's hard work, for a time Fan Bingbing's brother Fan Chengcheng became the focus of fans. January 26, such a star who is star sister and prospective brother holding the prospective star because of crying was hot search!

Event from Fan Chengcheng to participate in variety "idol trainee", as the team rapper, after the performance is completed, the mentor group Wang Jiaer deliberately point to Fan Chengcheng, looking forward to seeing his extra points, so much anticipated, Fan Shicheng Self-confident stage, full of rhythmic rhythm are great, but after performing a few words, Van Cheng Cheng forget the word stuck!

A "music reminds me, this is my" stopped after, obviously forgotten words. Encouraged by the other team members and mentors, Fan Chengcheng try again still no convergence, only awkward "thank you" ended. Wang Jiaer obviously disappointed this performance, but also let other mentors disappointed.

Instructor Cheng Xiao bluntly: "There is still a little disappointed, not enough practice, such as this opportunity only once, I hope it is sufficient enough to prepare." After such evaluation, Fan Chengcheng accept the background visit is quite regrettable.

He bluntly: "The first show so messed up, can not accept such as, kind of food, is that you wait so long, when it can have a harvest, and then suddenly be stolen light The same, all of a sudden nothing.

At this point, Fan Chengzheng shed tears, then said: "may be like you said, will be a little in a hurry, would like to prove myself, I myself is no strength by my sister, that is, I do not like others say me. I was already aware of it. I was no longer a playable age. I would always grow faster than others and then do better than the people around me. "

The speech once issued immediately lead to heat, and Fan Chengcheng cry was sent to heat search first, to see such a somewhat sad Fan Chengcheng, with a huge reputation Fan Bingbing is indeed a great pressure. The focus of commentary is in his metaphor of "stealing food":

Not only is Fan Tongcheng's metaphor somewhat funny, but there are netizens who think his answer is "reminiscent of every night in 2009 to set the clock to pick up the clock" and "I suddenly wanted to see my village". What is more bluntly, "Do not Steal my chengcheng food! "

At the same time hot friends, Fan Bingbing personally responded: "It's okay! Stolen vegetables can not be another kind of it? Come on!" Her response should be to encourage younger brother, failed to come back, but she The phrase "food was stolen," but people can not help laughing.

However, in all fairness, holding the title of Fan Bingbing's younger brother, the pressure of public opinion given to Fan Chengcheng inevitably large, so there are still a lot of fans in the objective comments for Fan Cheng Chengmin uneasy. Although having a good sister lead the way will make his starry way to become smooth, but if you do not seize the opportunity, the result is bound to be trapped in the whirlpool of public opinion is difficult to withdraw.

To this end, read Fan Chengcheng cry and Fan Bingbing warm response, how do you think? You will be optimistic about such a fancy Fan Cheng Cheng it?