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Mao Xiaotong: Chen Xiang, the past, you owe me an apology! Also owe you a share!

Entertainment 2018-01-27 12:05:34 81

Recently, Chen Xiang derailment Jiang Kai Tong, Mao Xiaotong betrayed the news again boarded the major news page, obviously the two have long broken up, why netizens have to re-mention it? The original is due to a Web site released Chen Xiang derailed video, completely under the Chen Xiang derailed. The Mao Xiaotong for so long been abusive really grievances, obviously wrong are each other, the blame is their own.

Although the derailment has been a nagging matter, but Chen Xiang and the brokerage team did not want to admit, and said he and Jiang Kai just as friends, and video announcements have violated their privacy. Chen Xiang's instructions after reading, netizens said: no marriage derailment can only be regarded as footprints, as long as you admit that sincerely admit you can forgive, but you are so disappointing confessed.

Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong announced together in 2014, the two together at first, Mao Xiaotong has been under the pressure of Chen Xiang fans that Mao Xiaotong not match Chen Xiang. It is ridiculous that Mao Xiaotong has been working hard all the time, but now she has suffered a betrayal of love. After all, she had worked so hard to make her a worthy man.

As netizens said, Chen Xiang, you owe Mao Xiaotong an apology, because you have taken a woman so love you. You owe fans a trust, they used to trust you, but you use lies to defend your image. You still owe you a share of your own, doing wrong will never be terrible, afraid of fear even you do not have the courage to admit.