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Naruto: Wood three married widow, there are two children even have, the last light!

Anime 2017-12-02 15:03:07 8

In Naruto, the ninjas live in troubled times, and many ninjas have assumed the important task since their birth. As ninjas in the village, they have endured the dangerous village and endured dangerous tasks. So at any time will be sacrificed. Not only that, but also outside the village face many unknown threats, when necessary, ninja to come forward, at the expense of their own lives.

Therefore, the most tragic fate in the village is the loss of beloved ninjas, who have become solitary individuals, and even some couples, living as widows, alone with orphans. Today, Xiaobian give you an inventory of the leaves, the most famous three widows, two of them even have children!

The first one: Mao Yue Xi Yan

A ninja with the highest probability of playing in the Darkroom of Wood is good at Flowing Woodchip and is also a lover of Moonlight in particular, who has died in Murakami Village. The blast was killed by Markey before the action of "wood-leaf collapse" in Sambo and Ozu Maru. A lot of fans for the soy sauce moonlight blast feel sorry.

Xi Yan in Kiba Village into the counterattack, vowed to take revenge for the blast. Three generations of Naruto funeral also appeared, and later in order to catch empty, also appeared briefly in the fifth generation Naruto. Older became a widow, many fans think that night Xianyan and Kakashi also more appropriate, but then no play scenes, do not know how Xiye Yan's later years of life.

Second place: red sun

Red Sun can be said that the famous wood leaf widow, and Asma have a love affair, but unfortunately the two did not get married. Before Asma and Fei Duanjiao encounter, evening sun has been pregnant with Asma's children, that is, later ape fly the future. Later, Asma sacrificed in the battle, entrusted to the Cenozoic ape fly future generations of ninjas, entrusted to the pig deer butterflies without regret.

Sun day red strength in the enduring village which is not high, can only be regarded as an ordinary tolerance grade ninja, especially good at using the illusion, but the magic ability is clearly not comparable to the Uchiha clan. It was a pity that Tomoyo Uchiha was abusive, Payne was attacking Kiba, and the fourth time there was a plot of tolerance for the fourth time. However, ape fly in the future will probably be in the "Bo Biography" in a good performance.

Third place: big snake pill

Daechu Maru legend as one of the three leaves, the most memorable especially deep ability than reincarnation, looking for good containers, access to the continuation of life. In "Biography", Otake pill has been looking for a new container, but still female, therefore, our big snake pill dressed in whole body women appear in the vast field of vision fans.

Otake pill is undoubtedly a lot of fans fans a surprise, let's not talk about this unknown gender, Otake pill now has become a very young woman, looks more beautiful, not only that, but also with a "moon" children, serpent Pills as if their own most precious month, Obviously big snake pill maternal hair. Unfortunately, the snake pills and even her husband did not, both to be their father and mother, such a widow really hard life.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you think there are any unmarried widows in the village? May wish to comment on the message.