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Hammer Hammer, girlfriends end, Chen Xiang Mao Xiaotong is another classic fan "pit" people ah

Emotional 2018-01-25 16:42:59 10

In fact, Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong's relationship to the end of this step, we are not ugly. At that time, passers-by did not know the story behind them. They obviously did not make any difference in their future. But you talk about some very happy to drag on the fans have to grab the girls do not let go, all kinds of dirty water to pour on others.

Girl girlfriends hug girl people unfairly released the parties are unwilling to see the truth, the elimination of it, is committed to dragging their legs and what to say without saying ah. Now under the monitoring of the evidence are out, hit the face of it, this slag man completely ready to play over, the fans now regret it? Apology useful? Dead duck mouth hard, of course, this is completely useless.

There are also some of these abhorrent "girlfriends", all right to take the so-called peacemaker gesture and mud, that they are very noble ah, but in fact it is disgusting. If you do not know the reason for Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong broke up and your girlfriends, do not blind blend, rub heat; if you know that your girlfriends and slag man first, you say this is really a cry ,nausea.

Finally, for someone's response, I would like to say one thing: There is no need to derail this process in the cost of our growth, and our growth will not be backed up. And when some of your fans were chasing scolding others, you were so silent that they are now returned to you.

Finally, really advise some fans ah, idol one day, whether you love or break up, ah, we must get together and scattered, and even if people do not get along well, do not have nothing to pour dirty water on the people. Two people get along for a long time, always know that some of our outsiders do not know, as to what is good or bad inside, anyway, are not burst out on all right, do not be the time to hammer Hammer regret not the original.