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When I saw Fu Xinbo's move during Ying Ying's pregnancy, I knew that I had no real love and was abused

Entertainment 2018-01-25 14:52:30 11

Xiaobian chase before the "best arrangement", is said to be Ying Bo pay Simbo two "made for." The two men formally established a lover's relationship for the show.

Then in 2017 the two are also married, and Ying Er has also become a "mothers". From time to time they sprinkle a wave of dog food on the microblogging.

They also exchange shoes to wear, Ying Er asked, why the teacher to wear her high-heeled shoes package.

Pay Simbo response, afraid of you tired.

Ying-ying during pregnancy, watching her pay Xinmbo really too warm! In addition to changing shoes, but also to help her backpack package, it is too spoiled!

Watched the TV found that the exchange of shoes to wear this stem is the original TV series.

Xintu played Xu Ti afraid Ying Ying children wearing high heels walking too tired, take the initiative to put forward, you wear my shoes, I barefoot go. Ying children take off his shoes later, pay simbo put on her high heels.

At this time reference idol drama routines, Ying children should be touched not, but a look of worry that I am this pair of shoes, do not wear me broken.

This EQ really and "Note lone" Bai Jingting a fight.

In the end, Ying children suffering from cancer, in the high-speed rail station shaved his head and pay Simbo also saw a lot of crying audience.

Fortunately, although the drama of abuse, but in reality the two came together happily.

Have you seen the show yet? How do you think the two are acting in the play?