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This is the real blockbuster! Parents young when the color value, amazing years

Entertainment 2018-01-25 12:49:21 2

For many people, looking at Mom and Dad now looks like, probably hard to imagine that they used to be young and beautiful, or even amazing value.

After all, who is younger? For this topic, recently there are many users to share the "collection", together to feel the following:

@ is a girl 诶: </ strong> Mom is not only refined facial features, temperament is also immortal.

@ Gao Jinyu: </ strong> Dad is not a bit like Tony Leung Chiu Wai?

@ Su Jun Fu: </ strong> Mum inappropriate star feel pity, do you think?

@ Wai Tsai -: </ strong> Grandpa does not lose today's small fresh meat ~

@ Support Aunt: </ strong> Some people say that the father is a bit like Zhang Division.

@ - Hxr -: </ strong> Mom is almost comparable to the Hong Kong star of the 90s thing, but did not enter the entertainment only.

@Small bombshell: </ strong> Feeling mothers marry Miss Hong Kong no problem.

@ Genuine clear Yi: </ strong> Grandpa photos although a bit fuzzy, but can see the Yan Yan high value.

@ Sese Green Peel: </ strong> Did not inherit Dad's gene ...

@ What We Really Want At the Time: </ strong> Aunt was a beautiful young man.

@ Luo Yu Meng: </ strong> Mom's high color to the dog can not move.

@ Orange Wind Sanshui A: </ strong> MOM super beautiful, after all, so simple scenes and props, all without compromising her style.

@Roslyakovaggg: </ strong> Aunt's face is the kind that many people are now longing for, but she is purely natural.

@ Chocolate sauce: </ strong> The most handsome men with children, not to mention handsome.

@XieYuQ _: </ strong> Mother looks good, not stereotyped net red face, watching is comfortable.

@KIKO_MIU: </ strong> Mum was said to be a well-known local beauty, and a group of boys she had not seen came out of school every day waiting to see her ...

@Nahoha _: </ strong> This laugh is estimated to amaze many younger sisters.

@pyyyy -: </ strong> It was not too long before the photo age, but the mother is still beautiful now.

@ Nan Nan Nan 4869: </ strong> classmates classmates, was considered handsome "tragically."

@ U-ears: </ strong> Dad is not just handsome ...

@ Beaver Zili: </ strong> In that era without PS, Mom is also spicy and beautiful.

@ ChuiJ3: </ strong> Mom is a bit adorable ~

@ Arashi dog: </ strong> aunt really beautiful ah ah! ! !

@ Sanshiko: </ strong> From left to right are three aunt, aunt, mother, second aunt. DNA is excellent!

@ Li Tie egg children -: </ strong> that era of fashion beauty wow ~

@ Nanshan not Lan: </ strong> This is Daddy graduated from police academy. This is probably called, casual handsome ~

@ Han seventeen __: </ strong> The phone pulls out the picture of two aunt, although it is an ordinary work photo, nor is the face, but the high value of the color is a high value.

@ phase Yi Xuan: </ strong> This black and white photo certainly some years, unlike the big eyes like Wu Qianlian?

Years are really exciting ~ </ strong>

May Mom and Dad ever be handsome and beautiful! </ strong>