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Zhao Jie Zhao Wei shot "My Fair Princess" had been forced to drink dung!

Entertainment 2018-01-25 10:56:16 9

"My Fair Princess" is a costume adapted from Qiong Yao's novel of the Qing Dynasty comedy, directed by Sun Shupei, Li Ping, Qiong Yao personally adapted, Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Alec Su, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Tielin co-starring. The first national drama ratings 47%, the second national average viewing breakthrough 54%, up 65%. The year of Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Fan Bingbing is even more by virtue of this drama fame.

Zhao Wei became a real entertainment "rich woman" also took the big director, with over 3 billion large stake in family business double harvest.

However, when the original filming this movie, starring all of them are new, it is natural to eat a lot of pain, more biography, Zhao Wei was forced to drink when drinking this game of manure.

Playing Kang Er Zhou Jie in a file a reality show this rumor, Zhou Jie broke the claim that in a rain show, the Swallow carriage accidentally fell, the director asked her to face buried in water In a drink of rain and then spit it out, then the water is not only muddy, but also slag the mud and horse manure, think it embarrassed. </ span>