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Wonderful work: Indian street "six strange elephant", first-time people will be fuss!

News 2018-01-25 10:56:17 5

India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world with remarkable economic growth. If measured by the same purchasing power, India's GDP in 2011 was 4.457 trillion U.S. dollars, ranking third in the world with Japan, second only to the United States and China. However, if assessed at the U.S. dollar exchange rate, India's GDP is only 1.676 trillion U.S. dollars The dollar, the 11th largest in the world, is more or less the same as the developed country of just 23 million. India's annual growth rate was 5.8% and reached 6.1% from 2011 to 2012. Social wealth is extremely imbalanced in a developing country such as India, where 10% of the population controls 33% of the country's income.

India considers itself an autocratic country, but it still has the caste norms. It is also a principle of degenerate people. It is a kind of social system based on the theory of pedigree. Low-caste can only stay in the bottom of society. Mostly it is a physical rest and many of them have no Home can not sleep in the street. This is the strange stranger in India.

When our morning students saw this type of environment at first thought to be those wanderers, the result was more and more invented. However, there were still differences with those homeless people who had at least homework.

India has the same tooth as our country, but with the large number of hardworking marriage is the number of their latrines, sometimes in India to find a public latrine more difficult than the ascension. Like the open lavatories are everywhere, but women are obviously not suitable for use, really hard for them. This is the second monster.

This is our country students in India, a good hotel to see the toilet, looked good, but there is no turf, prepared around the hose is used for toilet cleaning, which you can accept it.

Compared with the latrine, a formal bathroom is less, and many poor people can not be exposed in the streets bathing, there are faucets, bathing over there. This is the third strange thing

It is not strange to see such an environment.

Our students also found that buses do not have doors, even if there is a door will not be closed, because the height of abnormal and more, in order to facilitate passengers, no more quickly, but it seems they did not think about safety performance. This is the fourth strange.

A Chinese student saw with a glimpse of a passenger who was knocked to the ground while getting off the bus, but then he got up and patted the soil and left.

In Indian street you will often see this line of honor, they are on tour, but the pace of disorder, military discipline diffuse, people look and not reliable. This is the fifth strange.

The street police dressed in a wide variety of applications slingshot to maintain law and order.

In India, assuming you can see a big head of a person's head, not surprisingly, they all have this skill, the figure of the guy, wearing a sack of equipment on the train, do not buy it.

The world's most painful parting way is that from the moment you parted, you have no way to go back into his life again, but he is everywhere in your life.