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Zheng Shuang and Bear Ziqi to participate in our love bar User: how is not Allure couple

Entertainment 2018-01-24 20:46:30 31

Recently busy with Tong Dawei filming "Top Secret" Zheng Shuang long time did not show off, presumably fans are miss a cool. Recently played by the Su Cheng cool played by Reuters very good Oh, it seems cool and serious filming, the show can look forward to it!

Reuters she was wearing a white dress, with a red scarf, looks very young and lovely, slender figure casually dressed very good!

This black coat looks very charming and mature, small cool really amazing! However, fans do not have to worry about, recently someone broke the news that Zheng Shuang will participate in Jiangsu Satellite TV's love show "we love it," then we can take a good look at the variety show cool little! And small cool group cp Xiong Ziqi, presumably a lot of people and Xiaobian Xiong Zi Qi some unfamiliar. So what is his origin?

In 1992 he was a year younger than Zheng Shuang, which is to group sister cp it? However, the height of Xiong Zi Qi 188 and Zheng Shuang really match. Recently he is more fire drama is Tan Songyun cooperation "spray", and is still on the hit "national husband". How do you think of Xiong Zi Qi? Can be matched with Zheng Shuang?

However, most netizens heard this news is mixed, like to be able to see Zheng Shuang, worry that cp turned out to be Bear Ziqi, rather than Yang Yang, Allure couple is the most users look forward to cp! Look at that year co-smiled very Allure.

Allure couple is the general trend, I hope the program group can hear the voices of users, please Allure couple!