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Yantai express small brother opened up courier "new business", the result of arrest!

Social 2018-01-24 19:00:42 145

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Case review:

January 22 morning, Yantai Laiyang City Public Security Bureau according to Wangzhuang station received 110 instructions: located in the village area of ​​a communications company signal tower antenna signal line stolen.

After the police quickly arrived at the scene for disposal. According to clues, initially determine the direction of the perpetrator's direction, the police after an analysis to find the final point in the vicinity of a suspicious vehicle found.

After the initial view of the car and found its trunk, seat has a large number of cut feeder.

Accordingly, the police judge the car is the suspect driving a car, but the car is not. Immediately when the police arranged for officers to be secretly waiting in the vicinity of the vehicle while carrying out investigations on the surrounding areas and found suspicious persons, they proceeded to conduct an inventory of the investigation, and eventually the suspects truthfully stated their own criminal activities.

The investigation, the suspect Lee (male, 27 years old, Heluo town) is a courier, because of the lack of money, they sprouted the idea of ​​stealing fiber to sell money, then together with Wang (fled) channeling to Zhao Wang Zhuang village signal tower theft fiber. Another find out, Lee and Wang also repeatedly in other cities and towns in Laiyang committing the crime.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.