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Infiniti Q50 refitted covered Murderous, no longer afraid of being called "Chery King" it!

Car 2018-01-24 14:10:36 12

Infiniti this year to launch models are more biased towards young sports, including the Q50 is a very representative of the "figure", the very aggressive front face it from the bones to emit an offensive momentum, with full A texture of the body lines so loved by young people, today we bring a Infiniti Q50 modification cases.

Body cement gray foil brings a comfortable visual experience, the headlights of the open eyes of God fierce and fierce, the slightest implicit air inlet grille was sprayed into a dark black, that was Tucao into "Chery King" car The standard is simply removed directly, even more fierce; surrounded by sports models with a carbon fiber front shovel and side skirts, so that the entire car presents a perfect posture close to the ground.

The car's logo has also been removed, very clean, the installation of the duck tail is the perfect integration with the body, making the body looks more smooth line smooth, more aesthetic; the original single bilateral exhaust has also been replaced by a bilateral Double out of the style, do not know how the effect of the bombing Street?

Walking adopted a set of Rotiform KPS three-piece forged wheels, ten sharp spokes to form five large V shape, in the huge brakes against the very visual impact, the suspension part is the choice of Accu and Airlift 3H collocation , At the same time to achieve the perfect posture at the same time guaranteed sex.

This Q50 in the appearance to bring a very comfortable feeling, revealed in a low profile full of murderous, no longer afraid of next door Cuihua Tucao this is Taiwan Chery!

Owners / Dorn Hall