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Ma Wang Zi, 100-year-old Sichuan Museum into a new network red, spike "Japan 100 years of creative shop!"

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Malone Jubilee, a century Sichuan brand, Ma Wang son of the fourth generation of successors. She graduated from School of Economics and Management of Sichuan Normal University in 2006, consultant of Chengdu Branch of Hong Kong Global Consulting Management Corporation from 2006 to 2007, manager of Sichuan Ziqi Donglai Restaurant Management Company from 2007 to 2008, Family business Meishan Dongpo District Ma Wang Zi, general manager of the hotel.

Throughout Ms. Malibu Ms. career experience, it is not difficult to make up a brain aspiring youth face the inspirational drama of life choice. She was born in Sichuan and famous, graduated from the management of Sichuan University, did not engage in catering industry after graduation, and chose the consulting industry for a short period of two years of work, but she still made a success. She later re-select the direction of life, and finally join the family business, it has been 10 years.

In fact, at the recording site of "Credit China" section, Ms Malone had a real life portrayal of Ms. Marjorie in her dialogue with columnist Yao Xuesong. The next is the turning point of Malonex's consideration of personal value, as well as the thinking of the development of Centennial Sichuan brand.

Ma family in Sichuan Meishan is a big family, "Ma Wang Zi" as the four generations of the Ma family's heritage of Sichuan brand, has always been the family laid the foundation for life, at the same time, a hundred years of dining heritage also makes the Ma family became Meishan The city and even Sichuan Province, a large family of restaurants, catering brands.

Ms. Malone grew up in such a family environment. After graduating from college, she did not want to enter the dining circle and decided to join the consulting industry. After some ups and downs, Marlon Jr. began to rethink her life positioning and her industry resources Gradually accepted from the bottom of my heart "natural superiority," and established their own value of life - so that a hundred years, "Ma Wang Zi" in the modern heritage in the next level.

Marlon Jubilee's professional background, let her pay more attention to the data. Therefore, the first year into the restaurant industry, Malone Jubilee spent the grassroots service in a restaurant, and truly experienced the daily work content of the restaurant's grass-roots staff and collected the first-line consumer demand in the restaurant industry. At the same time, Malone's professionalism and inheritance led her to quickly emerge within the restaurant and to become manager prior to concluding this "experience period." After two years of experience, Malone Jubilee took over the warm-up of the family business.

In 2008, Malonex won the hands of Ma Wangzi, the face of the new market-oriented consumer demand for the restaurant industry, Malone Jubilee in accordance with the needs of market development, the traditional things to sort out a reasonable heritage of the core values ​​of Sichuan, Sichuan cuisine to retain the unique skills and culture , To comply with the tastes of Sichuan, abide by the selection criteria of food, change the state of Sichuan is not good, quality and quantity at the same time to make the dishes look better, really start from the enterprise to implement Sichuan cuisine reform, to be eliminated in innovation, innovation Seek development

From township restaurants to today's old-name restaurants, from the workshop-style markets of the Republic of China to the companies that have modern catering management concepts today, the "Mawangzi" dormant Meishan has made a microcosm of the history of the development of Sichuan brand names in modern history. In the ninth year Marlon Jubilee took over the Marconi Hotel, she decided to lead the Marchand brand to go out and make an instant hit.

In 2016, in the 94th year of the "Mawangzi" inheritance, the second store of Mawangzi settled in Chengdu, near Taikoo-ri in Chengdu, where there are many Sichuan-style brands and "Hundred-year-olds" everywhere. Marlon Jubilee did not expect, without any promotion, less than a month, Marches child began queuing, and has continued until now. At this time, it is even challenging the operational capabilities of the century-old enterprises. In terms of balance of business revenue and customer satisfaction, we must first insist on giving our customers a high-quality experience experience and will never do anything to "kill the chicken." Through this landmark in Chengdu branch, Ma Wang Zi more from across the country and global diners feel the charm of Sichuan cuisine, it is also evidence of Ma Wang son's business mission - Let the century-old continued to rejuvenate the new vitality!

At the end of the program, Malonese fully expresses her affectionate account of her ten years of practice. From career planning to full of love, the root causes of her changes originated from her love for the brand and her historical mission. She also hoped that the Sichuan cuisine industry could further standardize its development and give the industry a more Bright future.

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Speaking of "centuries of ingenuity," immediately remembered those myths in Japan? Inheritance of a century, simple traditions, respected but always humble and learn ... ... seems to do a good job in the century-old are "other people's home."

However, the 94-year-old Sichuan restaurant to be talked about today in Chengdu, Sichuan Province may need to refresh your knowledge of the century-old domestic stores. Not only because of its pursuit of products, services, values, but also because it has made itself a new net red!

94 years after seven changes, but there has been no "dating"

Next to Taikoo in Chengdu, there is a Sichuan restaurant called Ma Wang Zi Chuan Xiao Guan. The store and Tai Koo Li only separated by a street, many consumers queuing in restaurants.

People who are not familiar with Mawangzi only think this is a stylish Sichuan restaurant with good food, elegant environment and comfortable service. It may also be noted that at the beginning of Marwanzi reads "Beginning in 1923."

This is real. Malong Jubilee, fourth-generation successor to Mawang Zi, said that by this year, Ma Wangzi has gone through 94 years. Although nearly a hundred years after seven changes, but there is no "dating".

In 1923, Ma Longxi's grandfather Ma Shiheng in Meishan City, Sichuan Yongshou town founded Ma Wang Zi, or a small workshop, the endless pig blood will be used to sell blood Wang Wang, Yeongsong's porters and trackers Mawang Zi initial Guest

In 1947, Ma bought his own "property", Ma Wang Zi began to appear in the form of restaurants;

Later, Ma Wang Zi was changed to a public canteen, but the craft is still not cut off, successfully passed to the fathers;

In 1985, Malonex's father started to run privatized Ma Wangzi on the site. Because inherited the ancestral artistry, coupled with the unbroken reputation, Ma Wang son soon became your favorite local restaurant;

In 1995, Marlon Jubilee's father moved Marong Zi to Meishan from Yeosu Town, Meishan City;

In 2008, Ma Wang Zi was awarded "Sichuan Old Brand" by Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce due to its fine products and persistence to Sichuan Cuisine such as Maowangwang. It became the only Chinese restaurant that has been awarded the title of "Meishan" in Meishan City.

In 2012, in the new city center of Meishan, Mawangzi is already a 3,000-square-meter large-scale restaurant, becoming a representative of the local Chinese food brand.

New store popularity, his father did not smile

Time came in 2016, a hundred-year-old horse Mong son, opened a shop in Chengdu Pacific. At that time Malone Jubilee's idea was "to develop a hundred-year brand."

From preparation to opening, Ma Wang Zi experienced eight months. Nearly a century of heritage of art, coupled with young people like the petty bourgeoisie design, and Taikoo Li excellent business district influence, opened two weeks later, the popularity is already high, began to line up. Unexpectedly, the father came to the restaurant, see this scene, did not smile at all.

Malone Jubilee asked: "Dad, how are you worried?"

Marlon Jr.'s father: "You do not want to pick it up anymore, you're in the kitchen, the power of the lobby and the service is not good for these guests."

When the father spoke this remark, it was just at half past seven that the flow of people was growing. Malone Jubilee did not refute, 7:30 to talk to the guests shut up. At that time, guests complained.

Later, my father said: You do not answer now, put the guests out, he will come back. But if you connect people now, with your dishes and services, the guests come in and after the experience, they will never come.

My father further explained that every minute guests spend in a restaurant consumes the value you provide. What value can you really give him? Can have a good memory in his heart? This is what you need to do.

Nearly a hundred years only two stores, only recruit "Ma Wang Zi gene" people

How to change the status of Swire Shop, serving more guests? Malone Jubilee believes that from the infiltration of values ​​began.

(1) Recruiting staff to find people who carry Maruzi gene

Malone Jubilee said that Ma Wang Zi of Meishan is still the traditional model of the restaurant, mainly catering to banquets. But even so, Meishan Marunouchi is still on the rise. This is a large part of the reason, that is, Meishan store Ma Wang Zi gene.

Malone referred to a phenomenon: in Chengdu, Cygnet Marie Wang, the beginning of the management of the lobby staff a lot more difficult than the backcourt. Because the chef is basically Meishan store over the old staff, and the antecedents are recruiting new employees in Chengdu.

In the kitchen, produced standards we have consensus. However, the lobby newcomer can not understand what the service standard is.

Marlon Jubilee said that the so-called Ma Wang Zi gene, in fact, pragmatic, empathy and common development with the spirit of the brand.

In many cases, the Maronite stationed at the store, at the peak, will also be asked to take charge of the handle, a dish, on-site service.

There was a guest asked about Marlon Jubilee, the person wearing glasses is seen busy, their own window to the dish? Maronite said with a smile, he is the store's general manager.

After more than a year of running-in, now Ma Wang Zi's staff, more than 90% are such genes. Even some employees come three days, we will identify, this is not the people of Ma Wang Zi.

Malone Jubilee said that a business must require that more than 90% of your employees meet the values ​​of the business and that the business can go further in the long run. Especially for the century-old, first learn to do things again. This training is very difficult, no less than to open three or five stores.

(2) Do not affect the customer's consumption experience in order to turn over the desk

In Ma Wang Zi, guests are still talking after dinner, Ma Wang son is not allowed to "clean the table" in the name of "撵 guests."

Marlon Jubilee thinks, Mar Wong's service is to make guests enjoy every minute in the restaurant. For some time, as soon as 8:00 PM, the restaurant put the song "Go Home" to the guest and was stopped by Maloneh.

Many people think that to earn money must increase the rate of turning over Taiwan. However, Marlon Jubilee thinks: guests lined up team, spent money, if you enjoy this uncomfortable service, may not come next time.

To do a century-old, not to a higher turnover, but "keep returning rates" higher.

(3) Plagiarism, copy your number of people, indicating that your core value system is not formed

Now Ma Wang Zi popular peak, many people are asking Malone Jubilee: "Why not open a shop?"

Malone Jubilee said there is still a long way to go when compared with the old store in Meishan. At Mawangzishan Meishan, the highest rating is service rating.

Ma Wang Zi Meishan shop, weekends there is no seat, but many guests are willing to eat on the coffee table on the first floor reception hall. The reception hall only two people, the entire process responsible for ordering, serving, reception, turn Taiwan, but also take care of children, the elderly, and even give suggestions for guests to play.

This is the core competitiveness of Meishan old shop: from the heart of the service. Ma Wang Zi Tai Koo shop to do, is to reach Meishan old shop standards.

"When is there a place in Chengdu where Taiwanese Marunouchi can pass on values, that is, Marunouchi is in the right place to open a second store in Chengdu," Marjorie said.

"If you can not copy your business on the market, if you find out that day you can copy and copy you, you have not formed your own enterprise value system, your competition threshold is too low, the gold content is not enough "

Hundred-year-old in the end rely on what?

For the characteristics of Japan's longevity business, I have summarized three factors:

1, educating people focus on the future, not demanding immediate results;

2, adhere to the Bank, do not drift;

3, even selling hot products, are constantly improving.

This seems to be quite similar to the management concept of the old Sichuan Chinese restaurant - Malone said, when she first took over, her father said to her: "You want to have more bubbles in the kitchen." Grandpa said: "You have to put the economy Things look lighter. "