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Gakki "mixed doubles" renamed "love maneuver" to introduce! New poster

Entertainment 2018-01-23 17:31:37 221

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1905 Movie Reuters </ strong> The movie "Mixed Doubles", starring in Aragaki Yui, Eita Taizi, Hirosue Ryoko and Endo Kenichi, changed its name to "Love Circus," and confirmed the introduction of the Mainland. This is the first Aragaki Yui debut Chinese screen.

Recently, the local side released the Chinese posters. Although the pictures were basically the same as those in Japanese posters, the Chinese version replaced the Chinese characters and played an advertisement of "Aragaki Yui debut in China."


Aragaki Yui high popularity in the Mainland, social networking users like to call it "wife", the theme of the film is very inspirational, netizens joked that this movie is the Japanese version of "wrestling right father."

Story about gakki plays the genius of ping pong girl, now become a love work all failed single OL, and played by the original boxer Yingtai formed a pair of table tennis mixed double, the final challenge of the national table tennis competition, along the way Setbacks and growth, warm-blooded and warm-hearted so many viewers for it.

Aragaki Yui and Eita </ ​​strong>

The film was released in Japan last fall, the first week at the box office gains the first good result. The film is expected to be released in China in February this year.