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Just in time, a large number of EXEED TX appeared Chery Shanghai Design Center, handsome appearance

Design 2018-01-23 15:38:41 101

Just in time, a large number of EXEEDTX appeared Chery Shanghai Design Center, the appearance burst table. Compared to the spy photos exposed some time ago, the details clearer and more perfect.

The EXEED TX appeared in large quantities Chery Shanghai Design Center, rather than elsewhere, which shows that the current phase of the final phase of adjustment, it was revealed that a large number of chassis perspective Jaguar Land Rover engineers to work overtime to optimize the adjustment point that Than predecessors 5, better than Lloyd 01 and VV5 more sophisticated.


Chery EXEED TX front wide and generous bias, a strong aura, but may have an impact on the driver's field of vision. Using a spindle-shaped air intake grille similar to Lexus, the black material is extremely sporty; the headlight is flat and slender and sharp. In line with the tastes of young people; fog lights use chrome decorative area, polygon shape is very atmospheric.

Interior aspects

Chery EXEED TX interior with a two-color design, the console is very simple, the center is equipped with a 10-inch LCD screen, the bottom of the physical buttons are not many.


Power will be equipped with Chery's newly developed 1.6T direct injection turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 218 horsepower, or more than Geely Clipper 01 and the Great Wall Wei VV7 many conscience. According to the news, this EXEED TX will be listed in June, with low plate price of about 130,000, while the high version is not more than 16W. Some of these netizens said: worth it.