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Yang Kun new love exposure, young girlfriend beautiful, but users can focus on the third photo

Entertainment 2018-01-23 12:14:00 33

A "indifferent", so that Yang Kun fame, although the voice is very unique, looks very sophisticated, singing is also very characteristic, often become the object of imitation, but also fought for a long time, and finally fame. Can only say that insisted, so that Yang Kun came today, not only on the Spring Festival Evening, but also aroused in recent years, variety show "China Sound" and Na Ying, Wang Feng formed the "Iron Triangle." With the variety show full of vigor and order, Yang Kun is also among the ranks of singers, whether it is performance or concert, have been well received.

But now 45-year-old Yang Kun is still not married, of course, no children, this is a more worrying thing than the fame. Although for Yang Kun, gossip and romance is not interrupted, and Yang Kun himself broke the news, there are fans Dunshou, three months time, but also enough to insist, and yell: Yang Kun I love you. Let Yang Kun collapse, but no way, who let you so popular, have their own illegitimate meals.

But recently, it was photographed and young and beautiful women with shopping, and the whole process is very close, hand in hand do not say, there is more intimate action, so you can guess, Yang Kun has a new love affair, but Xiao Yang Kun 21-year-old new girlfriend, but the height of the two seems a bit embarrassed honey.

Yang Kun's marriage event, not only their own anxiety, parents are anxious for Yang Kun, of course, users as well. Although the age difference of 21 years old, but an old bacon in Inner Mongolia, a Xinjiang sister, is also a very good combination. And a muscle Yang Kun, although older, but adhere to fitness, or you can ease, or at least body without loss, to meet his girlfriend, not a big deal.

As a good friend, together with variety, together criticizing other singers, Wang Feng not only hugged a woman return, but also with his ex-wife's daughter, now has two children, so, Yang Kun have to grasp the point, because after all, not old Forgive, 45 years old, is also very embarrassed age. However, "passionate" Yang Kun, do not know can feel the urgency of users, after all, "get" a small 21-year-old girlfriend, and ultimately give birth to children Yang Kun, is "a positive result," so Yang Kun refueling can not "indifferent" It's