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After reading Diery in the "Sansheng III" in the 11 shape, is indeed the second universal quarantine

Entertainment 2018-01-22 18:32:54 623

Bai Feng Jiu, is the only one across the world Baoxiao a nine red fox, the forehead there is a birth of a phoenix feather birthmark. Because of birth in September, so named Feng nine. In the drama version of "San Sisu Shi Li Peach Blossom" by Derek Yeo, very cute and playful, especially those big eyes that simply fascinated people do not want to. Following Xiaobian together to take stock of Feng Ji nine in the play style ~

The first shape

Light pink veil, Feng Jiu just appearances, light pink gauze one go, hairstyle is a simple one side pony tail, simple obedience. Elegant and elegant package of clothing, girls breathless and innocent innocent along the waist to start ~

The second shape

Big red dresses, valgus neckline embroidered red fungus, headdress is simple red, highlight the hair hanging on both sides of the red tassel beads, although the whole set of clothes, but simple and good color tone work.

The third shape

Palace E installed to the bare pink blouse with a grizzled satin skirt to bring a sense of relaxation. Head simple decorated with hazelnut as compact silverware. Complete set of clothes without any burden, naturally clean

The fourth shape

Deep pink gauze skirt, this set is also the most often wear a set of Feng nine, the forehead of a natural flower bud, a rosy face, a dark hair, a white hairpin hair , Full lip color, white powder skirt, the world's eight deserts absolutely stunning ~

The fifth shape

In the ordinary time, Chen Guiren style, pink pattern coat, take the golden embroidery within the flowers in pink-based color silk brilliance in full bloom, Dayton atmosphere and luxury, numerous patterns do not make the dress slightly messy, Visible design clever

The sixth shape

Wedding favors, the overall red, gold supplemented. Outstanding material and satin-like fabrics embroidered with the Phoenix, and branches Ya tumbling waves, soft but magnificent.

The seventh shape

Marriage modeling, dress color into a noble and steady gold brown, clothing, embroidery on the more exquisite identity

Eighth modeling

Feng nine costumes are generally pink, but this piece is different, pure and noble white, flowers and embroidery on the clothes side by side into the fun ~

The ninth shape

Bai Fengjiu costumes with a wide range of color clothing light, but more with light pink, pale pink, bare pink, red. Have to say that this set of red is amazing ah ~

The tenth shape

Orange pink dress skirt, Xiaobian favorite set, this dress is transparent gauze coat, embroidery on both shoulders is very beautiful, three sisters inside the costumes of the sophisticated style, beautifully made, the woman is very fair , Male domineering, feel the crew still spent a lot of effort.

Eleventh modeling

The succession of qingqiu emperor when modeling ~