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"Traveling Frog" Raiders: the type of title and access conditions

Other 2018-01-22 17:52:41 256

The following is the title of the type and access conditions, the specific effect of it ... ... too mysterious, with question marks are speculation, please verify together ~

Traveling alone: ​​traveling alone

Obtain conditions: Get back after the first trip back

Effect: [Uncertain] is not easy to take pictures with other animals?

Wanderer traveler: desperate desire travelers

Obtaining conditions: [not sure] may be out with tents and bowls out?

Effect: [indefinite] props increase role?

Hatakaki Blasphemy: The seclusion of the blasphemer

Obtaining conditions: [Uncertain] with the bohemian traveler title, bowls, lights and other adventure items travel?

Effect: not sure

Osanpo Nichikaze: Distracted by Tianyi

Obtaining conditions: [uncertain] with light food (cheap food) to travel to a warm place?

Effect: easier to shoot grass, roads, trees, sea and so on

Gorunai journey: Funny Journey

Obtaining conditions: [not sure] with tents, handkerchiefs, pumpkin bagels to travel long distances?

Effect: [indefinite] long travel?

Kamidoni: Yujima Yuu

Obtaining conditions: 【Uncertainty】 With long-distance travel with lottery props, or even pumping three awards?

Effect: the effect is very random ah

Finally, the title may not have the effect of hair, are metaphysics ... ...