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Indian girl red hair blue eyes looks unique, parents worried about public opinion pressure not to regenerate children!

Entertainment 2018-01-22 16:35:25 2

The system of racial hierarchies in this country of India is rather harsh and can be described as the most precarious in the world. Therefore, their nationals do not like not to accord with the appearance of their own people. This will give people different opinions and be marginalized by the locals. So perhaps some quite normal appearances in other countries, if grown to Indian outsiders who must be a good thing, but it will add a lot of annoyance, was abnormal attention.

Pooja Ganatra, from India, is 24 years old and a native Indian girl, but she does not look like the Indians, especially like the Irish. Pooja has long red hair, fair complexion and freckles.

Because from the color to the appearance are very different from the traditional Indian appearance, so from small to large not only local people can not stand her, even her own parents at the time to see her after birth, always thought she was due to a pathological To produce variation, but also the small freckles on her face as a physiological defect, but also due to different from ordinary people, she has suffered years of discrimination and bullying of others.

Pooja's dad Rajesh is a dark-skinned Indian man whose mother, Hemaxi, although the skin is more white than the natives, has never had freckles and they do not know where the daughter's ice-blue eyes come from . Fear of the existence of other children like Pooja such situation, so after the two have never had children, Pooja is their only daughter, which is extremely rare in India.

Every time Pooja said he was looking over the street, he was gazed and talked about, and her over-white skin was upset by what she thought was a rare skin condition when she was a teenager. Also because of her image is different from ordinary people, so when in college will not be allowed to wear a sleeveless shirt, be a tailor-made kind of discrimination, while traveling abroad, the customs will repeatedly check her nationality. However, with age, Pooja himself instead suffered a different own, often doing their own clothing business life is very good.

Do not care what others say about you behind you, because these words can not change the truth, but it may disturb your heart. If the heart is in a mess, everything is chaos, people who understand you do not need to explain. People are in the air, you have to learn to say to yourself that if I say so that you can satisfy me, I will accept it. And please believe that those who truly understand you will never forgive you for what they have or do not do.