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Anime characters "beauty pupil" off what will happen? Sasuke temperament changes, chiefs are not afraid of!

Anime 2018-01-22 14:04:24 5

Recently, more and more people Meng on the second element, and even many stars are no exception, Sa Beining is one of them, you see him learn the gestures of cartoon characters, how happy! In addition to learning gestures, there are many adorable point from the second element in imitation, such as cosplay, such as wearing a magnifying glass ......

As we all know, most of the eyes of anime characters are large, and many people laugh at the cartoon characters are magnified with a magnifying glass, then if they take the magnifying glass to take off what happens? Recently, some netizens have done a comparison figure after taking off the pupil film, let's have a look!

The first is the beauty from One Piece, Miss Naomi! What other false eyelashes this time for the moment no matter, only pick big pupil film, although the eyeball looks a lot smaller, but Naomi rely on their own high value or hold the living! What do you think?

Next is the second from "Naruto", is not ... ... is Mr. Sasuke! Sasuke wearing a beautiful pupil looks very dangerous feeling, and after taking off the ppi, the whole person gives the impression ... ... ah ... a bit like the kind of pervert killer ... ...

Followed by the small buried in the "small buried dry sister", small buried in the house, though, but in front of people is a perfect girl, whether IQ or sports or the value of the first-class existence ! Even if the pupil taken off, but also bring their own "dandruff" effect girl!

Sebastian, the all-powerful deacon from "Kuroshitsuji", also participated in the "Makeup Remover" Contest! 384 even if there is no pupil is the perfect hold to live, but I do not understand this hat, is to coax Xia special wear it?

The CC from Rebellious Rulu Xiu, it looks delicious to eat pizza while wearing a poultice, but after picking it up, it looks weird and feels pizza tastes have changed, probably It's a pizza that's eaten away

"Attack on the Giant" animation group also some people participating, that is our commander Li Weier! Just captain ... you sure you have Dai Mei Tong? No, I do not mean your eyes are small, you do not cut my neck!

Well, this excerpt pupil will come to an end! In fact, there are many cartoon characters eyes are great here are not enumerated! Of course, there are many dead fish eyes like the captain ... ... such as ㅍ _ ㅍ) ← silver, I think he can not wear the United States pupil, he may not even the hair washed ...

So, do you still know those dead fish eye like soldiers? Leave a message to discuss it! Finally seek attention, ask for praise, seeking forwarding, no money New Year!