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Liu Hao Ran: please raise your hand roses!

Entertainment 2018-01-22 13:44:31 22

Today, Liu Hao Ran microblogging drying out pictures of roses, but also with pictures that: If you want roses please raise your hands! Really is like the same man ah!

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@ Liu Hao Turbo What are you thinking?

Netizens ridicule that: This is Ouyang Nana it?

Liu Hao ran to see how much like to spend it


Wild Uncle: Do not blame me too unpleasant to hear, on you! Ha ha! The biggest regret in my life is not close to his handsome face!

Mango fishing chase drama: as your wife said it has orders

Tea house yi: curly head you can be very good-looking it

Suddenly: the prince himself

Maple characters: a little less distributed charm, you this charming guy

Flying meow sauce ff: little prince here need to see here