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Sun Li is the only actress to participate in Jack Ma Village Teachers Awards, User: Zhao Wei did not please

Entertainment 2018-01-22 11:18:43 72

This is the case in every industry: many first-year titles have disappeared, have become obscure, but have become leaders.

We all know that Vicki Zhao should be the best female friend in the entertainment industry, and Jack Ma this village teacher award ceremony, but only asked the Sun Li, it seems that Jack Ma should Sun Li still very much appreciated.

The same day, Sun Li wore a white plaid suits, big show legs, and Ma on the stage chatting.

Jack Ma, Jackie Chan and Sun Li sat together in the audience.

Jackie Chan and Sun Li.

Betty Sun, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Jack Ma and Jackie Chan.

Jack Ma and Sun Li Liang Jiahui chatting on the stage.

Jet Li and Sun Li.

Jack Ma for the most beautiful country teacher endorsement awards, next to the empress Sun Li this pose is too cute.

The final photo, Sun Li as the only actress representative of the village teacher Ma, we think?

People and people, short-term get along with temper, so be patient; long-term to get along with the character, the match is a friend; life interaction to see virtue, virtue are good and safe.