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Delay | Help ah, strong grab people male friends

News 2018-01-22 11:00:24 3

He was pressed on the bed by a man unable to move, but his mouth was not convinced of shouting: "Soul light, do not think you are the boss can Rob Man! You quickly let me go!

"Is it bloody?"

"Report chief, stop."

"What about medicine?"

"It's up."


"It's all done."

"Keep training and come again in the evening."

"..." A look of anguish on Allen's face, "Can you not tonight ..."

He and his long years of bitter love, and finally, on a bright afternoon, he said "I feel so tired and stressed that we can not continue to fall in love. Can you leave me with another character?"

He laughs "Friend? Okay, I think about it ..."

A few days in the morning he will always find more red spots on his body and the traces on the sheets.

This phenomenon began with the purchase of this new linen.

He thought of throwing this sheet off tomorrow at bedtime.

Woke up in the middle of the night and saw a naked teenager sitting on him and cried: "You're dead and conscience, Xiao Yeh slept so many nights you, you actually want to lose Xiao Ye .. 555"