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Analysis of 12 word of mouth hand cream past life

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Hand cream can be described as numerous, ranging from the big to the niche, from a few dollars to hundreds of products can be seen everywhere, a good hand cream MM bag is an indispensable moisturizing artifact today MM to introduce you several Word of mouth hand cream and their history.

1, </ strong> Herbacin </ strong> He Benqing </ strong> Small chamomile classic hand cream </ strong>

Herbacin </ strong> He Benqing </ strong> Small chamomile classic hand cream </ strong>

Herbacin He Benqing began in 1905 in Germany, the pure natural herbal manufacturing, the European classic skin care brand, a German brand of natural skin care products. Herbacin's ingredients are manufactured using the highest quality botanical extracts and then produce the finest classic hand treatments, hand, foot and chap care, bathing and classic hair care with the most rigorous German manufacturing processes. For more than a century, herbacin German Chamomile has become known all over Europe for the plants it needs to grow its own products, while traditional formulas are not only the classic skincare brand in Germany, but also the classic European skincare brand.

Content: 75ml </ strong> Price: $ 69 </ strong>

Herbacin German Chamomile is a classic classic hand cream, the raw materials are selected from the highest quality plant extracts, can soothe the skin, the formula of the mother-of-pea extract can play a calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect of dry Itchy skin soothing effect. Generally speaking, this hand cream has a smooth skin texture, easy to apply, easy to absorb, not heavy and sticky, moderate moisture, not too moisturizing and not too dry. In cold and dry season, the chapped skin will feel moisturizing enough and dry faster; more moisturizing skin can be used. In warm season and most of the skin can be used.

2, </ strong> Vaseline </ strong> Vaseline Hand Cream </ strong>

Vaseline Vaseline Hand Cream </ strong>

Vaseline Vaseline, originated in the United States in 1870, the world's original professional moisturizing skin care brand, Vaseline lotion to improve the effectiveness of dry skin significantly, for more than 140 years, North America has helped countless consumers to repair dry skin.


Vaseline hand cream, ordinary white packaging will not give people a very amazing feeling, but this Vaseline hand cream is indeed strength. Vaseline times hand cream protection is very good to wipe open, very moist feeling. Although the individual girl Tucao said the taste is not very good smell, but the price is still much better known than Europe and the United States with a Dan ratio. Suitable for all skin types, especially for girls in the north.

3, </ strong> Neutrogena </ strong> Neutrogena Hand Cream </ strong>

Neutrogena </ strong> Neutrogena Hand Cream </ strong>

Neutrogena Neutrogena Neutrogena was founded in 1954 in the United States, Johnson & Johnson's highly effective skin care brand, which owns the fine whitening, sunscreen through the sun, deep clean, liveliving activity, coagulation, such as activating a full range of professional skin care products. Neutrogena's products are best-selling in more than 50 countries and regions and have become well-known international skin care brands in Hong Kong. Due to their outstanding improvement, sales are steadily rising! In particular, it has reached the peak of acne and body care.

Content: 56 </ strong> ml </ strong> Price: 55 </ strong> . $ 9 </ strong> strong>

Neutrogena hand cream is particularly heavy, more difficult to push open, open after the layer will become a thick white creamy texture. Be sure to massage more than a few to promote absorption, otherwise it will obviously float on the surface. This hand cream does not have any taste, use it is not afraid and perfume conflict. Moisturizing effect for a long time, and belongs to the Run rather than greasy type. Tu finish as if there is a layer of protective film, even if to wash the hands after a weak moist. Stick to paint a few days will find the hand becomes white and tender.

4, NIVEA </ strong> Nivea Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream </ strong>

NIVEA </ strong> Nivea Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream </ strong>

NIVEA Nivea started in 1911 in Germany, Beiersdorf company, high-quality skin care products and body care brands, the lotion, lotion, skin cream, men's skin care and other products favored by consumers.

Content: 80ml </ strong> Price: $ 14.9 </ strong>

Nivea deep moisturizing cream hand cream cream thick, but not sticky, easy to open, absorb faster, moderate moisture. Dry and cold climates and areas, dry skin will feel moist enough, dry faster. More moisturizing hand skin can be used. In warm season and most of the skin can be used.

5, </ strong> Maxam </ strong> US and Canada net moisturizing hand cream </ strong>

Maxam </ strong> Moisturizing Hand Cream </ strong>

Maxam US and Canada net began in 1962, the well-known Chinese public skin care brands, Shanghai famous brand, its hand cream products are excellent. Since its birth, constant innovation, gentle care of the majority of Chinese beauty women. Her products cover cosmetics, personal care products, home care products. She is China's earliest through the international quality certification ISO9000: 1994 cosmetics company.

Content: 75g </ strong> Price: $ 9.9 </ strong>

US and Canada net hand cream has good ductility, skin smooth, moisturizing and moisturizing effects are very good, most of the skin can be used. Another important reason for the popularity of this hand cream is that it meets the needs of most people in scent preparations. The scent lasts long, but not intensely. It should be noted that if the hand is particularly dry, or dry chapped, this hand cream moist degree can not meet the demand. In the hot season, more moist skin will feel a little oil.

6, </ strong> Watsons </ strong> Watsons Collagen Nourishing Compact Hand Cream </ strong>

Watsons </ strong> Watsons Collagen Nourishing Compact Hand Cream </ strong>

Watsons Watsons is a brand of the Watsons Group under the Hutchison Whampoa Limited, which focuses on health and beauty. Types include health and beauty products, premium perfumes and cosmetics, food, electronics, premium wine, and airport retail business. Watson's products in Asia, the group owns a number of well-known brands and retail chains.

Content: 80g </ strong> Price: $ 19.9 </ strong>

Watson's collagen nourishing compact hand cream's reputation is good, moisturizing high, closed, good moisturizing effect, in dry and cold season and the region, to withstand dry, harsh climate on the invasion of the skin of the hand. Warm season suitable for dry skin, more moist skin may be a little oily.

7, Jurlique </ strong> Jurlique Rose Hand Cream </ strong>

Jurlique </ strong> Jurlique Rose Hand Cream </ strong>

Jurlique Jurlique, born in Australia in 1985, the skin care brand, has a rich natural skin beauty experience, excellent oil and hand cream reputation. Julie jurlique was founded by Dr. JURGEN KLEIN, a German natural therapist and biochemist, and his wife, herbivore and gardener ULRIK KLEIN. The most prominent feature of this product is that all the quality control from raw material to finished product is strictly controlled at every step; it complies with the international (GMP) pharmaceutical standards.

Content: 40ml </ strong> Price: $ 195 </ strong>

Jurlique rose hand cream gentle texture, lubrication, effective moisturizing the skin, increase skin elasticity, improve rough skin, the skin is smooth and delicate. This hand cream has a strong rose flavor, is one of the characteristics, but also this product is an important reason for the popularity. Rose scent most ladies will like. Overall, this hand cream moist, moderate, non-greasy, not heavy, easy to apply, absorb fast, good skin-friendly. However, in particularly dry and cold season and regions, some dry skin is not moisturized enough, moisture is not enough, dry faster. More moisturizing skin can be used. In warm season, most of the skin can be used.

8, Shiseido Shiseido beauty urea hand cream </ strong>

Shiseido </ strong> Shiseido Beauty Moisturizer Hand Cream </ strong>

Shiseido Shiseido began in Japan in 1872, the top ten hand cream brand, a professional hand care brand, the infiltration of nourishing products more famous and world-renowned cosmetics group. Shiseido is a famous Japanese cosmetics brand. Its name derives from "To Zai Kun Yuan, Everything Matters" in Chinese Book of Changes. The meaning of Shiseido is to breed new life and create new value.

Content: 100g </ strong> Price: $ 49 </ strong>

This is a hand cream with particles, he is smooth texture, soft, feel more comfortable. High moisture, good moisturizing effect, closed, moisturizing effect is good. Slightly sticky, not particularly powerful, most people can accept. Can withstand dry and cold climate, especially for dry hand skin.

9, L & # x27; OCCITANE </ strong> Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream </ strong>

L & # x27; OCCITANE </ strong> Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream </ strong>

L & # x27; OCCITANE L'Occitane L'Occitane was founded in 1976 as a French natural botanical skin care brand, an international retailer specializing in the manufacture and sale of personal care products and household products. Its essential oils, hand creams and fragrances are renowned throughout the world.

Content: 75ml </ strong> Price: $ 170 </ strong>

Occitane's shea butter hand cream is suitable for dry and cold season, the main fat is shea butter. Shea butter is a very skin-friendly vegetable oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids that penetrate the skin to provide nutrients, nourish the skin, moisturize the skin, and often used in dry or damaged skin Product. This hand cream moisturizes, the cream is a bit thick, but not greasy, suitable for dry, cold seasons and areas to withstand the bad weather on the skin. In warm season, some skin may feel a little oil.

10 </ strong> Pechoin </ strong> Bai chameleon San Bai Hua Mei net hand cream (Camellia) </ strong>

Pechoin </ strong> Bai Chazu San-sheng White Mask (Camellia) </ strong>

Pechoin Bai Que Ling was founded in 1931, is one of the country's long history of well-known cosmetics manufacturers. Inheritance of the classic, the courage to innovate, the company is committed to creating the consumer natural gentle high-quality skin care products, the perfect interpretation of "Chinese legend, the beauty of the East." The unique aura of Bai Que Ling accompanied the brilliant stars such as Ruan Lingyu, Zhou Xuan and Hu Die, leading Fanghua in an era; even the Song three sisters and the ambassadors of Britain, Germany and France enrolled in Shanghai were also respected On behalf of the oriental fashion Bai Que Ling, which Bai Que Ling "Oriental Beauty, skin care products," renowned at home and abroad.

Content: 40g </ strong> Price: $ 38.9 </ strong>

One hundred bird Antelope Sansen flowers white 芨 even the United States hand cream formula makes this hand cream moisturizing effect is good, soft skin, non-sticky thick. However, a slight lack of moisture, dry and cold in the dry season in the region, partial moisturizing the skin can be used, the more dry skin will feel moisturizing time is short, dry faster, not enough moisture.

11, MENTHOLATUM </ strong> Mentholatum </ strong> Hydra hand cream </ strong>

MENTHOLATUM </ strong> Mentholatum </ strong> Hydra hand cream </ strong>

MENTHOLATUM Mentholatum was first established in 1889, founder of Aisha Alexander Hill successfully created Mentholatum Peppermint Mochi, soon became a well-known essential medicine, Mentholatum's English name "Mentholatum" is "MENTHOL" (menthol) And "PETROLATUM" (paraffin oil) combination. More than a hundred years later, Mentholatum has been manufacturing not only mint but also skin care products such as lip balm, as well as OTC medicines such as eye drops and friction plasters, which are sold well in over 150 countries and regions in the world.

Content: 50g </ strong> Price: $ 19.9 </ strong>

Mentholatum lot of hand cream, moisturizing hand cream just started to smear some oil, a little hard to push open, smear in the hands, the water will slowly exudes, replenish the skin moisture. This emulsification system to water evaporation is relatively slow, the protective film in the hands of the formation of a longer time, and some small partners may not be used, feeling a little non-absorption, the feeling of oil floating in the hand.

Dry skin is not suitable.

12, </ strong> Dabao </ strong> SOD </ strong> Nourish hand cream </ strong>

Dachao </ strong> SOD </ strong> Nourish hand cream </ strong>

Dabao series of skin care products since its birth in 1985 to adapt to different periods and different levels of consumer demand, with the Chinese consumer has gone through more than 30 years, is a household name, consumer favorite skin care brands. "Big treasure" series of skin care products to focus on facial skin care, involving facial cleansing, eye care, body care and other categories. Starburst was born in 1990, the star product SOD Po honey consecutive best-selling more than 20 years, favored by the vast number of Chinese consumers.

Content: 60g </ strong> Price: $ 6.5 </ strong>

Dabao SOD Hand Nourishing Cream is a highly moisturizing, closed hand cream, moisturizing effect, a little thick paste, more moist skin began to smear may be a little oily, the other skin does not. In the dry, cold season, the area is protected from the cold and windy conditions needed to moisturize the skin. The hot season, will be more greasy thick.