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Hong Kong action movie rape had KO Bruce Lee, we know the truth, almost tears fall

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Shi Jian (January 01, 1913 - June 03, 2009), a famous Hong Kong film actress, is a famous movie in Hong Kong. The nickname is called "Traitor Kennedy." Can see the image of its evil angle enjoys popular support. First on a still.

Familiar with it, he is the 83 version of "Eagle Shooting Heroes" in the Qiu Qianlv and Qiu Qianzhang, one person decorated corner, especially for Qiuqiu Zhang's portrait, loaded into the hands of the world's top masters before the face does not change color. Shi Jian was often used as a villain in the "Huang Feihong" series starred in K'u Shing Hsun in his early years, and later worked with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The most well-known than the cooperation with Bruce Lee "dragon fight" and finally Bruce Lee in the mirror of the battle is particularly exciting.

Look at a photo, Shi Jian Station C bit ah, Bruce Lee can see the respect of Shi Jian. During the filming of the "battle for the dragon," there was an action drama. Mr. Han, who played by Shi Jian, on many occasions failed to complete the action demanded by Bruce Lee on a high-quality basis. Bruce Lee told Shi Jian over and over again and again that he did not think he was wrong The password, Bruce Lee right face a heavy heart punch, the Bruce Lee hit dizzy. The people present were stupid, thinking Bruce Lee to be freaked up.

Under normal circumstances, if Bruce Lee preparedness, most people simply can not close Bruce Lee, let alone knocked out. And this time talking about the script process. However, Bruce Lee did not get angry, just after a break to continue to work. However, it is because of this incident, many media render Bruce Lee challenge Shi Jian, the result was Shi Jian KO, Bruce Lee's black powder that Bruce Lee's martial arts, but the three-legged cat, Bruce Lee is nothing more than an actor, Shi Jian KO also blocked The news was claimed by Shi Jian KO because of the script. They also sent a picture of Bruce Lee being hit in the face by the stone, except that Jim Kelly, who forgot to focus on acting as a Western Boxer, was watching on the sidelines, specifically in the picture below.

The picture below shows the scene in the "Dragon fight", the same background, the actual shooting process, Shi Jian plays Mr. Han hit the boxer (Jim Kelly ornaments) face, and the figure is the same scene (Western boxer just beside To observe, how can be rock staged by Mr. Han beat Bruce Lee "satisfied"). In other words, there is no challenge Bruce Lee Bruce Lee, but the theater normal communication and communication accidents.

Years later, the boxer Jim Kelly, a client, talked about : </ strong> At the end of March 1973, when I shot Mr. Han and shot me off Rehearsal and test shots total less than the requirements. Dragons will explain to the meaning of Mr. Han, and head towards my demonstration of violent reaction in the head. Just when Bruce Lee asked me if OK, Shi Jian mistakenly thought that the OK representative started rehearsing; so he did an uppercut and immediately hit Bruce Lee's cheek. I clearly saw the dragons excreting blood in the mouth and forced two or three steps to force their next demonstration. At that time the atmosphere of the studio became very tense, until the dragons gently turn the neck around, without a word away, people dare to talk about the incident. About fifteen minutes or so, the director from the office said the dragons did not cause serious problems, and we continue to parade. It took another half an hour for the dragons with a slight swelling on the cheeks and mouth to finally appear, and stood still watching our test shots without incident.

In 1973, Bruce Lee died, at the age of 33, in 2009, Shi Jian died at the age of 96, in 2013, Jim Kelly also died, 67 years old. There is such a sentence, two Chinese dragon, Mao Zedong and Bruce Lee. Both of these individuals raised the Chinese status in the West and promoted the image of the Chinese nation. However, sometimes I do not understand why there are always people trying to destroy the heroic image of their own nation. Such defamation may be just personal preferences and subjective assumptions, really making people cry without tears. </ strong> </ strong> In 1996, Kennedy won the Golden Bauhinia Award for Lifetime Achievement Award in Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2003, Kennedy received the Hong Kong Film Awards Professional Spirit Award.
</ strong>

Today, three people are gone. After Bruce Lee and Shi Jian, there are many new arrivals of kung fu movies, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Zhou Billy and Huang Bao. However, we can not recall the time that we had before. We can only cherish memories and thankfulness.