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48-year-old Xu Qing Hollywood blockbuster will be released, and the United States actor naked embracing friends: think of subjects

Entertainment 2018-01-21 16:40:43 109

Xu Qing starred in the Hollywood action blockbuster "24 hours: the end of rebirth" will be released on January 26. Xu Qing played Interpol, and the Hollywood actor Isanhawk plays a professional killer, the two men together a police bandit together embarked on a road to revenge revenge of a story. Can be seen from the posters published Xu clear Yan value table, body explosion! Even staged a naked hug with Ethan Hawke!

She is 48 years old this year, she has always been influential in the entertainment industry in the Mainland, not long ago, she also with Feng Xiaogang's director of the "old gunner" won the award-winning movie Hundred Flowers Award . Xu Qing Yan value is already well-known entertainment, she had just debut was Chen Kaige, Zhao Baogang and other directors, starred in many of the classic roles, Ren Yingying, Soong Ching Ling, and even the recent "old gunner" in the chatterbox ......

In everyone's impression, Xu Qing mostly entertainment development in the Mainland, the International went so far as some users feel surprised, in fact, Xu Qing had experience in the United States in the early years, and a few years ago also starred in a Hollywood brain burning blockbuster "Ring Messengers ".

Today, almost 50 Xu Qing still able to fight the international front, inevitably admirers, the short hair out of her state looks very good, in the film as Interpol she has many fighting scenes from the disclosure of the poster And the stills we can see one or two.

As a Hollywood actor actor Ethan Hawke, the cooperation with the Eastern goddess Xu Qing, Xu Qing's evaluation is also quite high, for the screen intimate two pictures, many users ridicule, I do not know Hawk will be Xu Qing Lost Because many netizens recall Kobe when visiting China, he saw the expression of Xu Qing, so far quite classic.

In recent years, Xu Qing, who is approaching the age of perplexity, may still live as a young girl due to his refusal to serve the old cause. Some people applaud her as Liu Xiaoqing. In fact, a woman, so live free and easy, able to live the way they want, which is why?

Lastly, returning to the movie "24 Hours: The Last Twins", there is more than action, and there is a lot of emotional drama between Xu Qing and Hollywood movie stars.

I do not know a few days when the movie release, you will not see this by the mainland goddess Xu Qin Hollywood blockbuster?