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"Car event": Honda CR-V oil increased? Honda respond to the latest news!

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Recently the new CR-V Dongfeng Honda's "oil increase" has been troubled by the problem, January 17 car owners assembled in the local 4S shop to discuss the law once again the morning owners gathered in 4S shop in front of rights, and for Dongfeng Honda is the first time this event gave the preliminary findings: belongs to the characteristics of 1.5T turbocharged engine, (meaning is not a quality problem), when the engine is working, there will be a small part of the mixed gas into the crankcase , Into the crankcase mixed gas liquefied liquefaction, liquefaction according to the different engine load, so the increase of oil is also different.

On January 20, Dongfeng Honda held a media communication meeting in Beijing to explain and answer the problems of the current complaints from consumers about the accidental increase of oil. According to Dongfeng Honda's response, And other issues to be investigated and estimated that before the Spring Festival will come up with solutions, while Dongfeng Honda also said the increase in oil will not affect the owner to use, will not cause engine damage, if the oil exceeds the on-line 3CM, manufacturers will be free to replace the oil machine filter. </ strong>

According to the owner's feedback, the current emergence of "increased oil" mainly concentrated in last year's 2017 CR-V models just listed, in addition to some Civic owners reflect the same problem, at the communication meeting Dongfeng Honda Quality Management Department Sagawa Thai three said the same 1.5T engine Civic also received a related complaint, but the proportion is much lower than the CR-V, as to why this happens, the manufacturers are conducting relevant research, Japan headquarters will also be the matter Listed as a top priority and are undergoing relevant assessments and tests.

Honda also said at the communication meeting that there is no problem in increasing the upper limit of the oil dipstick by 30 millimeters. If it exceeds it, it will have to be replaced. At the same time, Honda promises to replace the oil service with the 3CM once it exceeds the upper limit.

According to Dongfeng Honda, the CR-V "oil increase" is mainly related to the weather. Sagawa Mizutani explained that there is a certain relationship between the current oil level increase and the temperature. Oil changes due to oil temperature will increase in winter. Summer decreases are not a worsening phenomenon throughout the year. Sagawa also stressed that this situation will not have any impact on the use of vehicles, and there are many engines on the market there will be a similar situation, not just the turbocharged engine.

Regarding the reason of "increased oil", Sagawa Tetsu said that the engine suction stroke causes the DI spray to adhere to the cylinder wall, and the compression stroke causes the adhering gas to flow from the oil seal hole into the crankcase, causing the gasoline to mix in the oil and pass The warm-up process causes the gasoline in the oil to evaporate, the volatile gasoline flows from the PCV valve to the combustion chamber through the intake manifold, and is discharged again after combustion. At present, the increase of CR-V oil mainly occurs in cold regions such as northern part of China. The reason is that in the above process, the liquid level rises when measuring the oil level before the gasoline is volatilized through the warm-up process.

In the communication meeting, Dongfeng Honda also responded to some of the models appeared in the engine port emulsification phenomenon and lack of cylinder phenomenon, Dongfeng Honda said it did receive individual complaints, Dongfeng Honda technicians have recovered the relevant customer vehicle parts , And extracted the sample for testing, so both anomalies are being detected and analyzed.

Thus, Dongfeng Honda has recognized that the CR-V and other models equipped with 1.5T engine does exist "oil increase" situation, but Dongfeng Honda has repeatedly stressed that "is not a quality problem, will not cause engine damage," and we all know, oil Too little or too much will have an impact on the engine. Too little oil may cause insufficient lubrication of the engine parts, resulting in excessive engine wear. Increasing the oil pressure will also increase the load on the engine oil pump and will also affect the power Output. For the time being do not know CR-V and other models of "oil increase" is a quality problem, first of all, this is a bad phenomenon, I hope Honda can seriously into the research test, an early conclusion and solution to Honda fans a satisfactory and reasonable The account.

Suspected media people in Dongfeng Honda media communication meeting notes: