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Red food, if you have not eaten, 2017 you considered fat!

Food 2018-01-21 14:30:47 4

We all know that 2017 is a very special year with a lot of net red anchors and a lot of net red delicacies appearing. So it is worth tasting this kind of delicacies. What have you eaten? If you have not eaten, swallow below to give you a detailed introduction about it.

Grilled sugarcane </ strong>

Grilled sugar cane is a swallow did not see the eat, this is 2017 best red food, many people say that the taste is very good, do not have a flavor! Is it beyond your imagination ah, ha ha ha ha.

Dirty bag </ strong>

I believe everyone must have not eaten, that is, coated with chocolate sauce on top of the bread, sprinkle cocoa powder, after eating dirty face, it becomes the most popular food in 2017, and it is said that no one can clean Eat it. Is it strange?

Turkey surface </ strong>

The turkey has never said it, but the reason for the fire is very simple is spicy, so the swallow went to buy a big bag, spicy rental I was unexpected ah, and not only hot metamorphosis, but also made sweet, I feel fooled , Obviously fried, not good at all, but also expensive TM death!

Bean box </ strong>

Bean milk box like cake, is a Japanese dim sum, came to China after the particularly popular, the main material is beans, butter, soy flour, etc., at the same time very soft, completely fire! We remember to eat oh ~ ~

Towel roll cake </ strong>

We certainly have not heard of towel roll cake, have not eaten, to see the photo you really do not believe that the cake, ah towels, that is, too realistic, which is the fruit and cream Oh. We can go tasting.