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Fan Cheng-cheng and Fan Bingbing hype that year and Li Chen's attitude can prove that everything

Entertainment 2018-01-20 19:28:08 64

Some time ago, Fan Bingbing's younger brother Fan Chengcheng announced his debut, aroused the concern of many users, after all, Fan Chengcheng has also been passed by Fan Bingbing's "son", but from the current looks, and Fan Bingbing's father is simply a model Carved out, only with the appearance of these rumors subsided.

Fan Bingbing was popular then, is accompanied by countless gossip, but with Fan Bingbing gossip entertainment men do not slap more than a slap, to say hype Fan Bingbing can be the top figure in the entertainment, but as the brother of Fan Bingbing, just Debut began to take gossip girlfriend to speculation.

At that time Fan Chengcheng just joined the "idol trainee", overnight his microblogging fans is skyrocketed to tens of thousands of people, before seeing Fan Chengcheng with his debut appearance looks like there have been qualitative changes, but carefully To distinguish between Fan Chengcheng or Fan Chengcheng, from his neck mole is not difficult to see.

Recently, some netizens broke the news about Fan Chengcheng and a beautiful woman intimate photo, the two photo considered Lang Caifu, social software, the woman also generously recognized Fan Chengcheng is her boyfriend's message, just debut artists are gossip girlfriend It appears that Fan Chengcheng destined to go to sister Fan Bingbing's old speculation ah!

As Fan Bingbing's current boyfriend, Li Chen, Fan Chengzheng just announced his debut also helped Fan Chengcheng publicity, in addition to Fan Bingbing personally Fan Fancheng work accident, Li Chen has not yet become Fan Chengcheng's brother-in-law, is to help out, and this time Also voiced his failure to Fan for the avatar for the sorry.

Although Li Chen failed to change Avatar for Fan Cheng-shing this time, Li Chen's attitude is not difficult to see that Li Chen is more concerned about this brother-in-law in the future. After all, want to please Fan Bingbing, brother-in-law's words are quite useful.

Prior to the show, Fan Bingbing particularly optimistic about his brother, said his brother almost 1.9 meters tall and tall, but also looks handsome, after the development of the entertainment certain future limitless.