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Li Xiaolu for the first time to admit Nai Nai Liang, have to be laughed and forgiven, User: distressed Masu!

Entertainment 2018-01-20 18:46:59 18

Li Xiaolu derailment PGone things have been half a month's time, because of the involvement of people and things too much, so Li Xiaolu things have been played down, among all those involved were among the most sad reminders, Initially out of goodwill to help girlfriends, the result was anti-Slaughter Huang Yiqing rumor, and finally marked with a lawsuit. This time finally know why other people did not help when the cause of the stars!

Li Xiaolu accident, as the client's husband Jia Nailiang is the one who cracked the most, all-night sluggish hangover ... ... even if the laugh is not from the heart. Think of the original Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu love at first sight, then started a crazy pursuit, at a party, Jia Nailiang in public to Li Xiaolu marriage, the two love has always been a story in the entertainment industry. After marriage, Jia Nailiang is more like a princess Li Xiaolu, what are the contradictions he first admit mistakes, climbing on the carrying, rainy day holding, for fear she was a little sin!

I remember when Li Xiaolu sweet life, keep the side of the Jia Nailiang full accompany, see Li Xiaolu painful look, Jia Nai Liang is distressed to cry, from the exposure of the photos, the two hands clasped, touched countless people! But now it has become such a situation, people feel very sorry!

Recently, some netizens photographed Li Xiaolu fly to Suzhou to explore Jia Nai Liang, has been super-Li Xiaolu first to Jainai Liang mistakes, seemingly Jia Nai Liang also forgive her, the two actually talk and laugh, as if nothing had happened!

When users see this: distressed Masu! Originally not related to their own things, but now it has become a hot spot, and Li Xiaolu nothing, and they also reconciled. In fact, Massu should not be involved from the very beginning, after all, is their housework, they can handle!

Well, the article finished reading, do a little fun to test it, please carefully read the picture, the presence of people, only one person on the death of the chairman gloat. Please pay attention to each person's face, find the criminals. Search lock Wei Gong Gong howl "heart to listen to heart language", back complex "murderer" for you. Jie. Xiao. A. Case.