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General soldier general military training large, why can not be taken away after retirement? Unacceptable

Military 2018-01-20 18:30:33 6

In many cases, we can not help wondering why those soldiers on the Internet have retired from past scenes of the fledgling companion of former military dogs and small dogs. Since the feelings of soldiers and military dogs are so profound, What? Dogs are also human, let them and their old friends together bad?

Now many countries have army dogs, and military dogs in the modern army has indeed played a significant role, the dog's smell is tens of thousands of times the human recognition, hearing is also human beings, and human beings In comparison, dogs have more excellent performance, they will undertake the search, patrolling, tracking, detection and so on, is a military partner.

Military service is generally only a few years, but military dogs are not, they began to be selected shortly after birth, and was selected to become a military dog ​​to begin their careers, dog life is generally 15 years, And each army dog ​​because of their physical quality, service area or breed, will have different service life, but most are 5 to 7 years.

Soldiers in the most contact with the troops, in addition to their comrades, these dogs, and even many soldiers and dogs more intimate relationship, they are human nature, but also their most trusted partner, each time the ditch season, there will be Scenes of soldiers and military dogs waving other scenes, leaving the army, these small partners no chance to see each other again

Some people say that why not allow these veterans with military dogs go? Everyone should know that military dogs are also prepared, and they are trained by troops. Therefore, military dogs and weapons like firearms are all state property. And military dogs can not serve for two years like military personnel, and neither do they It will be soldier's personal belongings. However, veterans also have the opportunity to adopt veterans' dogs if they meet the conditions. If they really have fate, they can still meet each other.