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Yu Wenwen before the plastic surgery photos were exposed, do you still like "decent" this song

Entertainment 2018-01-20 17:39:30 75

Wen Wen seems very fire recently, ah, today are constantly hot search. Because the film starred in the movie "Former Raiders 3", and this small cost of making movie accidental fire, and now the box office has nearly nearly one billion. It has also led to many jobs, whether it is still speculation. Cheng Kai and Han Geng are still does not matter, because we have seen many times, but the face of the stranger is a stranger, we are also more interested in the. "Former Raiders" series of films, the first actress is Wang Li Kun, the second is Guo Jie Jie, are more famous actors in the circle, but this time why you want to use a rookie? Or relatively unfamiliar people? We are still concerned about the future of Wen Wen, because she does not look good on her own, acting is even worse.

And this time we all know that it is not just a movie theater fire, but also two songs that have been fired. One is "loosely dispersed," and the other is the "face" of a literary singing. Many people because of this song only know Wenwen is the hostess ah? How can the voice be so special? In fact, in the text from the beginning is a singer ah. It is reported that Yu Wen is a creative singer, because in the collection before the cover of Jay Chou, Po Moon, and other singers for the vast number of friends are familiar with, at the same time, she also participated in the movie "To our youth will eventually pass away" Lithography "rain". Yu Wen's original songs are "Diaoyu Islands", "Rain", "love my people" and so on. April 16, 2015, won the 19th Chinese Top Charts - the most influential Asian creative singer.

However, there is still a long way to go before this work can be done. Therefore, just as the party just started to fire, it was quite strong that Wen Wen would have been stripped of his own destiny. Some people say she is a younger sister of Jay Chou, some people say she and Jay Chou's relationship is not normal. Others say there is a very promising boyfriend in front of Wen Wen, so she will have today's capital. Is this not another Yang mining Yu thing? But Yang Cai Yu's value is online ah, on the text, we did not see her Yan Yan and acting. And after the recent fire in the text was scooped out cosmetic photos also make many people frightened. Because of the photo is really horrible, ah, I do not know if you can recognize is in the text?

Indeed, this is Wen Wen ah, but now the difference can not help but too much, right? And that not only cosmetic, and the whole group are temperament changes, really want to ask Wen Wen what is experienced ah? Such a big difference that no plastic surgery, you can be trusted thing? And in the movie we can see that in Wen Wen's face always have some red dot the same tool, I do not know the trouble is still troublesome skin, in short, except the body is not bad, and did not think To the text of the Yan how high, of course, praise is good.

I do not know from the pre-cosmetic photos recognized in the text of the hour, those who are listening to "face" who is not a bit that was scam? Although I do not know what Wen Wen and Jay Chou is related to, but perhaps know Wen Wen is a certain prospect, or else such a role can not turn her head, is also lucky, otherwise it will not play on the fire, The latter two are not the hot level of this one high. Perhaps it is really the right time and people and right.

How long do you think Wen Yan Wen will be worth so much?