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Father and daughter love: Yang Kun new love suspected exposure, and beauty intimate dating 90, the age difference of 2

Entertainment 2018-01-20 17:48:22 35

Yang Kun new affair suspected exposure, recently domestic singer Yang Kun was photographed secret meeting with a beauty, the date of the appointment, the two were photographed shopping together, watching movies, and the two were very sweet during the date, each holding hands, quite in love Taste, then, the beauty of shopping with Yang Kun suspected of being exposed, netizens through a series of surveys found that the beauty, but after a 90!

Speaking of here, we have to talk about Yang Kun's love affair. First of all, we will certainly think of snow, this beautiful Inner Mongolia girl. Some friends broke the news that Yang Kun wife is a girl named Xiao Man, there is a version of Zhang Wenwen was Yang Kun's girlfriend. Yang Kun met snow in the army art troupe, the two later reunited with each other's feelings. At that time Yang Kun was only a bar singer, life is very tight, but Snow did not disagree Yang Kun, two people continue to love each other. Yang Kun again after a few years in trouble, the work of frustration Yang Kun became unusually irritable, Yang Kun and first love girlfriend Bai Xue's feelings are facing a crisis.

At that time Yang Kun understand that he can not give snow happiness, then categorically proposed a break up, and ultimately Yang Kun ended with love girlfriend eight years of love. "Good Voice" mentor Yang Kun and his first girlfriend Snow eight years of love is over, love does not mean that together, as long as beloved people can be happy. Yang Kun is just out of love for 8 years to give up love, Yang Kun's love is great.

And now Yang Kun's new romance was exposed, and the difference between the two age of 21, many users began to worry about our Yang Kun, after all, is more than human red, is still not aware of the name of the new girlfriend Yang Kun, but From the photo, people are still very beautiful, after all, Yang Kun teacher's vision, it is certainly good, what do you think?