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Interview with male stars | Zhang Yunlong & Sun Jian & Hou Minghao Street beat Pifu, magazines inside the blockbuster shooting

Entertainment 2018-01-20 14:55:38 15

Life should not only be in front of Gou, but also have guitars and afar. Zhang Yunlong Zhang Yunlong @ mmc is not like an idol star, more like the sunshine around us big boy. Dedicated to the guitar, he broke his fingers while holding a collection at the same time, even still remember to do the exhibition, sit wait for appreciation of investment, did not think you are still such a commercial-oriented guitar dragon warm male or dark night Earl? We are so headstrong, of course, give you a clean sweep it! Zhang Yunlong large freshly baked, come and go, daytime, night, gentle, cool, there is always one you love him. Surprise also more than this Oh ~

@ Sun Jian 11 departure Milan Men's Week! Silhouetted jacket with cowboy, new hairstyle super-steal the mirror! Neat and concise fashion texture, but also look forward to Sun Jian Milan line shocking performance

@ Hou Minghao Neo a group of New York fashion photo exposure. Hou Minghao in the photo wearing a blue pop-up jacket, with red trousers, a smile shows his double-sided personality should be warm to tease, full of fashion sense while remaining young and energetic young live full of character.